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Nobody knows why some Leipzig players have a different coloured Red Bull logo on their shirt

It’s been a big day for Red Bull.

Their Formula 1 team took the track for the first time in pre-season testing, while their biggest footballing venture, RB Leipzig, have been in action against Spurs in the Champions League.

There’s been general intrigue surrounding Leipzig among causal viewers, with some players of their young team considered genuine stars of the future, especially star striker Timo Werner and the much-coveted defender Dayot Upamecano.

There’s of course their manager Julian Nagelsmann as well, who makes Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe look like a granddad in comparison at the tender age of just 32.



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But it seems everyone’s got one thing on their mind, and that’s the different coloured logos that some of the Leipzig players are wearing.

Some of you might’ve already noticed that a couple of their players are wearing the lovely black away shirt with the white logo, such as Werner in the picture below.

But others, like on-loan defender Angelino, are wearing a coloured version instead, with the iconic red and yellow colouring of Red Bull.

Confused? Perplexed? Amused? All three? Yeah, us too.

Wearin’ white

AP:Associated Press
Wearin’ white

Is it a marketing error, perhaps?

That’s what some fans believe, in a similar vein to the famous cock up at Spurs in the 1987 FA Cup final.

For those of who you are unaware, Spurs were supposed to play the campaign’s curtain closer in their new kit for the following season, but due to a mix up only half of their players wore the Holsten sponsorship.

Red Bull did bring out a special white edition of the kit over the summer, so that’s possibly the reason – but why are only some players wearing it?

Odd man out

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Odd man out

Many others believe this could be some ploy from Red Bull.

The energy drink company’s ownership of Leipzig remains a controversial topic in German football, with many believing RB Leipzig have exploited a loophole in the federation ownership laws.

RB are widely known as the “most hated club in Germany” and face regular protests from opposition fans, mainly around the club being built to push the revenues of Red Bull.

Perhaps this is some way to make us all subconsciously go out and purchase a sugar-free can of Red Bull?

Whatever it is, it’s giving us a headache.