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5 players who can feel rightly aggrieved not to make the PFA Team of the Year

If Paul Pogba is in there then all of these players should have a claim

Paul Pogba has nudes of all the Premier League footballers.

It can be the only reason to explain how the Frenchman was the only non-Man City or Liverpool player to be voted into the PFA Team of the Year.

Aside from the fact the votes took place in March around the time Pogba was very impressive as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took the reins at United, but that was then and this is now.

The rest of the team is understandably dominated by Man City or Liverpool players. Understandable because those two sides have outclassed the rest of the league and built an 18-point gap to third-placed spurs.

However, if you look at this in terms of how has had the biggest impact on their team, been the most influential throughout the season or just had consistently brilliant individual performances then there are some notable absentees.

Here’s five players who can rightly agreed that their name hasn’t been included in the best team of the season.

1. Eden Hazard

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Mr. Swivel hips himself definitely has a claim that he should be in that left wing position over Sadio Mane.

Let’s just look at the stats; he’s scored 16 goals and he leads the assists charts with 13, he’s won the most points for his team thanks to his goals with 23 and contributed 49% of his team’s goals.

Take Hazard out of Chelsea’s team and they are a shadow of themsleves (unfortunately they will probably have to live with that in the summer), take Mane or Sterling out of their teams and the impact is nowhere near as strong.

Some of Hazard’s individual performances have been breathtaking this season, treat yourself to this recap of his Lionel Messi-esque goal against West Ham recently.

2. Aaron Wan-Bissaka 

No way past

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No way past

Just because you don’t play for a top team does not mean you haven[‘t been the best player in your position all season.

Look at Aaron Wan Bissaka, the Crystal Palace right back has been hugely impressive shutting down the right wing against far more glamorous players, including you Leroy Sane (see above).

This season he’s made 120 tackles with a 69% completion rate and is third in the list for both tackles and interceptions this season.

In fact the 21-year-old has made more tackles than any other full back in the league, if that’s not worthy of a spot then we’re not sure what is.

3. Heung-Min Son 

He’s stepped up when Spurs needed him this season

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He’s stepped up when Spurs needed him this season

When you take about how much influence one player has had on a team it is hard not to let Heung-Min Son’s smiling face pop into your head.

With Harry Kane taking two long spells on the injury bench the South Korean has stepped up with some dazzling performances to keep spurs in the hunt for the top four.

He may have less goals and assists than Paul Pogba but at points this season it has felt as though Son has singe-handedly dragged Spurs back from the edge with tenacious running and no lack of skill.

12 goals and six assists for the season isn’t a bad return but during Spurs hottest streak of the season he banged in nine goals in 10 games between December and February – if Pogba was picked for his good form around March, Son should’ve been up there too.

4. Lukasz Fabianksi

No pain no… you know the rest

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No pain no… you know the rest

Before you throw your mobile phone out of the window in anger, hear us out.

Yes Ederson and Alisson have been fantastic in their sides’ battle for the title, but for the majority of the season they haven’t had to do anything.

Alisson has made a couple of blunders and Ederson has just been watching City steamroller teams for most of the season.

Fabianski on the other hand has been a very busy bee, as you can imagine when you have West Ham’s defence in front of you.

The Pole has made the most saves of any goalkeeper this season with 133 (nearly three times as many as Ederson).

It might be left field, but it’s a worthy option.

5. Gylfi Sigurdsson

We can’t think of a single metaphor about carrying team

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We can’t think of a single metaphor about carrying team

In a spluttering Everton team, Gylfi Sigurdsson has individually been their outstanding performer.

The ice-cool Icelandic midfielder has provided the fire in midfield when necessary and has shown his laser-guided right foot to be a very useful weapon.

Sigurdsson has scored more league goals than both Son and Roberto Firmino this season and he has the most goals of any player outside the top six bar Jamie Vardy.

The fact that many of them have been absolute bangers is all the more please.

If it’s not going to be Pogba, then we think Sigurdsson could be the man in midfield.