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That Cristiano Ronaldo/Steve Bruce abs picture is fake. How do we know? Because we made it.

You may have seen the viral picture doing the rounds in the past couple of days, and to be honest we never thought people would actually take it seriously

If you’ve been hanging around the internet in the past couple of days (let’s be honest, we all have) you would have probably seen this image.


Would you look at that, it’s the face of Steve Bruce ‘spotted’ in Cristiano Ronaldo’s six-pack after he scored against Manchester United on Wednesday night.

Only, it isn’t. The image is obviously a fake. How do we know this for sure?

Because we made it.

Now, there’s a fair bit of weird stuff that we do at Dream Team. There was the vintage ‘Does Frank Lampard have any teeth?’, ’11 Career Paths That Are Actually Artistic Masterpieces’, and, of course, ‘We All Have That One Mate Who Eats A Tuna Baguette While Playing Five-a-side’.

We are seldom taken seriously, is what we’re saying. So imagine our surprise when people – as in, actual adults and fellow writers – started to take the clearly false Photoshopped Ronaldo X Steve Bruce picture as a real thing.


It was there, in the Birmingham Mail. There, in the Bristol Post (btw we’re aware of shared content between Reach PLC news websites, zzz). On The Poke. Hell, even the always excellent Football Ramble mentioned it and couldn’t decide whether or not it was real, despite Pete Donaldson’s history of Photoshop wizardry.

Without labouring the point too much, it’s fake. Here’s the original image that one of our social media people made, where the image of Bruce is clearly visible.


The person who made it doesn’t want to be named, but he’s got a weird mind and says that when he saw Ronaldo’s celebration, and his six-pack, he thought ‘Steve Bruce’s face just looked like it belonged there’, so made it, stuck it on our social media accounts, and will forever rue the day he forgot to put a DTFC watermark on it.

Oh, and we know that the picture was nicked by a few accounts.