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Man United’s incredible comeback win against Newcastle doesn’t really change all that much

United rallied to an unlikely late win against the Magpies, but the old problems are still there

As Sir Alex Ferguson once said: “Football, bloody hell.”

At half-time this evening, Man United were dead and buried and Jose Mourinho was on the slag heap.

2-0 down against hapless Newcastle, the Red Devils looked uninterested, devoid of confidence and on their way to another embarrassing defeat.

But 45 minutes later, it was an entirely different story.


Finishing up as 3-2 winners, United and Mourinho pulled off a performance that Fergie would’ve been proud of.

Having changed their system and shape with Juan Mata and Marouane Fellaini coming off the bench, Mourinho was able to overcome Rafa Benitez’s Magpies.

So, all the talk of Mourinho getting the sack this weekend is over then?

Well, maybe.



True, it’ll be tough for the club to axe Mourinho after that win, especially in the manner they achieved it.

It’s clear that the majority of fans at Old Trafford this evening are still backing the manager, and showed their appreciation at full-time.

But let’s look at it another way.


AP:Associated Press

They beat Newcastle at home.

I mean, that’s great, but it’s not exactly a turnaround, is it?

It’s fair to say that United’s players were uninterested in the first-half and only really got going in the final 20 minutes.

What’s more, Newcastle have been quite dreadful this season themselves, currently occupying the relegation zone with only two points to their name. Along with Huddersfield and newly-promoted Cardiff, they’re yet to win a match this season.

So, what happens now?

It must be a weird feeling for United fans.

Sure, this sensational late rally felt like United of old, and will possibly give credence to Anthony Martial’s place in the team – as well as match-winner Alexis Sanchez – and it could even begin a decent run for the beleaguered club.

But on the surface, not an awful lot has really changed.

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