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There’s one very big problem with Fulham’s new £40million signing Jean Michael Seri’s feet

Seri prefers playing in warm climates and you will completely understand why when you hear the reason

How often can you say Fulham beat Barcelona, Liverpool and a whole host of other European heavyweights to a signing?

I’ll tell you how often, not very at all.

So drink it in Fulham fans, you’ve reached the big time.

Fulham is London’s equivalent of the Riviera

Getty - Contributor
Fulham is London’s equivalent of the Riviera

Pretty astonishingly Fulham have somehow managed to pull off the signing of Nice’s Jean Michael Seri for the tidy sum of £40million.

The diminutive midfielder is a dynamic mix between N’Golo Kante and Xavi and will slot in perfectly next to Tom Cairney at the bright lights of the Etihad and Old Trafford next season.

And I bet there’s already been a few Fulham-based comedy geniuses giving it the ‘Hey Seri, score us a goal’.


Cottagers can be very pleased that their first moves back in the Premier League is to show everyone else that they mean business.

Make no mistake signing Seri is a landmark.

He is a talented and coveted player coming off the back of a decent season and wanted by a host of big clubs.

It’s a coup for a club coming up from the Championship, then again, they are paying £40million for the privilege and there is one rather important issue that could be a huge problem.

*Insert SERI-ously joke here*

Getty - Contributor
*Insert SERI-ously joke here*

As you may know, Nice has one of the best climates in Europe.

It gets beautiful sunshine for most of the year and is also a brilliant place to live.

It’s no surprise Seri has fulfilled his potential there.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for London is known more for its nine-month long winters.

As it turns out the midfielder has a problem with chilblains on his feet that means he almost cannot play in cold weather.

That kind of rules him out from pretty much October-April in England.

“I have ingrown toenails and when it’s cold I need special treatment,” he told Le Point. “I don’t see myself playing in a country where it’s cold. I hurt everywhere and I struggle to train.”

That’s not going to go down too well with Tony Khan when Seri is refusing to play in March because there’s still snow on the pitch.

Someone get him a snood and tell him to get on with it.