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Dissecting every act of Andres Iniesta’s outrageous Copa Del Rey goal

The Barcelona legend reminded everyone of his incredible quality in the Copa Del Rey final

All good things must come to an end.

And after 17 years it looks like we are finally seeing the end of Andres Iniesta’s Barcelona career.

The latest news suggests the only man who could argue Lionel Messi isn’t the best player at Barcelona is going to be leaving the club to move to China at the end of this season.

Two gods

Getty Images - Getty
Two gods

It’s teary stuff, it really is.

The 33-year-old added the 34th trophy to his career cabinet as Barca steamrollered Sevilla 5-0 in the Copa Del Rey final.

Iniesta, who is the only player ever to be named man of the match in the Euro and World final, put on a show for the adoring fans as a final flash of what to remember him by.

Trophy number 34

Getty Images - Getty
Trophy number 34

His goal to put the Catalans 4-0 was a thing of pure beauty.

It took us several replays to work out exactly what Iniesta did to leave the Sevilla keeper on his backside and tap into an empty net.

In case you were struggling too, here’s our dissection of Iniesta’s brilliant strike.

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Act 1: the build-up


Iniesta received the ball in acres of space in front of Sevilla’s back four with three team mates to pass to.

A situation that can be destructive with Iniesta and Messi involved.

Without hesistation the Spaniard expertly committed a centreback before sneaking the ball away to Messi and continuing his run.

So far so good.

Act 2: The run


With the Sevilla backline in all sorts of bother now Iniesta just continued his run knowing that Messi would be receiving his telepathic instructions and laying the ball into his path.

A stroke of Messi’s left foot sees the ball meeting Iniesta’s path as he breaks past the defenders and it arrives at his feet one on one with the goalkeeper.

A glorious one-two to get in behind.

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Act 3: The feint



Here is where this goal gets really special.

David Soria comes flying off his goal line to confront Iniesta but is left looking rather embarrassed.

Feinting to land a chip with his right boot leaves the keeper on the floor and Iniesta casually slides the ball forward with his left and continues.

You have to watch this several times to work how Iniesta pulls a dummy shot and moves the ball away from goalie at nearly exactly the same time.

Act 4: The finish


With the keeper done for all Iniesta has to do is out the ball in the back of the net.

But the angle is tightening and he is running at pace.

Worry not, with a calm right foot dink Iniesta adds Barcelona’s fourth goal in a major final.

Goodnight Sevilla and thank you Andres.