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Arsenal meme lord David Ornstein has finally spoken out about his internet fame

From the makers of the Orn Supremacy, we bring you some hot internet content about the undoubted kingpin of Arsenal Twitter

If you’ve been anywhere near Arsenal Twitter for any time in the past few years, you will know about David Ornstein.

Just the mere mention of his name will probably make you shout “ORNSTEEEEEIN!” in your head as you read this.

For years, the actually very serious BBC Sport journalist has been the subject of an almost unbelievable tidal wave of memes whenever he tweets news of Arsenal’s comings and goings.

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If for some reason you haven’t feasted upon the majesty of these works of art, here’s a selection of the sort of stuff Ornstein memes involve:





You get the gist. There are some far, far more NSFW ones involving his supposed ‘rivalry’ with fellow journalists John Cross and Kaveh Solhekol, but you can look on slightly darker corners of the internet for them.

Every single time the BBC Sport journalist tweets, he receives probably 100-200 of these things, thanks to deliberately amateurish photoshoppers from around the world.

Anyway, after all this time, Father Ornacle hasn’t addressed this deluge of memes he receives.

Until now.


Appearing on the Arseblog podcast, Ornstein finally spoke out about what he thinks of the peculiar treatment he receives online.

He said: “Is it going to sound really boring to say that I’m completely impervious to it?

“You sort of look, and this is going to be a boring answer – I’m incredibly busy, and I don’t just report on Arsenal, I’ve got a lot of different things going on as a correspondent at the BBC.

“And so you look towards the notifications to see if anyone’s pointing out things or mistakes that you’ve made, or useful comments, and as soon as you see the number of memes, you have a chuckle and then get on with it.


“With a very young family with two tearway boys I don’t have time to go scrolling down and sit there admiring or despairing at what I’m seeing.

“My wife and kids are annoyed enough at the amount of time I spend on my phone and laptop and working around the country and the world, so sadly I don’t have time to indulge in it.

“A certainly think that when you start to indulge in that kind of stuff, you probably ruin the appeal and it’s probably best that I toe the BBC party line, stick professional and get on with your job.

“Let everyone have the fun they want, it’s just sport at the end of the day and it’s fun, sometimes we just take all this a bit too seriously, it’s fun and we’ll just let it roll.”

David Ornstein, give that man a statue.


Oh, you already have.

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