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What if Leeds designed new badges for these Premier League clubs?

The Championship club were slated for their new crest and we thought it would be fun to knock up some similar designs for other clubs

By now you would have seen Leeds United’s abysmal attempt at a new club crest.

The Championship club announced their new badge Wednesday lunchtime and by Wednesday evening over 30,000 fans had signed a petition to scrap it.

Some thought it looked liked something Pro Evo would have produced circa 2010.

Others thought resembled the Gaviscon logo.

But pretty much everyone was in agreement that it was a downgrade on the old badge.

Anyway, we thought it would be fun to imagine what would happen if Leeds designed new badges for a few Premier League clubs in the spirit of ‘celebrating the fans’ and all that.

Man United


Given that plenty of United fans now measure their success in retweets rather than trophies (see tweet below) we thought we’d give them an appropriate badge reflecting this change.



Newcastle fans have been tortured for years by Mike Ashley’s cavalier ownership of the club.

They’re desperate for the Sports Direct owner to sell up but for now Ashley’s reign of error continues.

Anyone else see the irony in Ashley owning a company who specialise in oversized mugs?



No words really needed here.

Let’s move on…

Man City


That’s a hand dipping into an oil barrel full of money.

Not particularly subtle but it gets the job done.



If you haven’t seen the news that Sean Dyche allegedly ate worms during his playing days then this one doesn’t make much sense.

Good source of protein to be fair.

Tough on the throat though…

West Ham


We asked our graphics guy to put a weapon in the hand of the West Ham fan and he went with ninja throwing star — a niche choice.

Those binoculars will come in handy for home games at the London Stadium, am I right?



It must be so hard for Arsenal fans getting to a cup final every single season.

In all seriousness, it can’t be easy when a fan-made YouTube channel becomes more entertaining than the actual football.

Eagle-eye readers will have noticed the fan’s watch is set to 4pm — we couldn’t help ourselves.



Spurs have really ‘dropped the ball’ in the last two title races.

Get it? Hello? Is anyone still there?

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