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Geoff Shreeves grasses on West Ham defender to Slaven Bilic in Sky Sports interview

The Sky Sports journalist appeared to point out Arthur Masuaku's mistakes in the defeat to Manchester United

Geoff Shreeves is a grass, pass it on.

The Sky Sports news journalist has developed a reputation in recent years for getting under the skin of players and managers alike.


Remember when, after Chelsea had just performed heroics to beat Barcelona over two legs, he gleefully informed Branislav Ivanovic he would miss the Champions League final through suspension?

One of football's saddest moments

One of football’s saddest moments


Well Shreeves was up to his old tricks again on Sunday in the aftermath of Manchester United’s 4-0 win over West Ham.

The Hammers were abject throughout, with left back Arthur Masuaku given a torrid time by the ruthless United attacking unit.

He was also spotted laughing and then tying his shoelaces in the immediate build up to Romelu Lukaku’s second goal, with the Belgian striker then losing his marker to score an easy header.

Masuaku was spotted chuckling away before Lukaku's second goal

Masuaku was spotted chuckling away before Lukaku’s second goal

Not textbook defending, but Shreeves couldn’t wait to point that out to Slaven Bilic in the West Ham manager’s post-match interview.

“On the second goal it looks like Masuaku was onside and he also seems to be laughing and joking and not concentrating when he loses Lukaku,” Shreeves tells Bilic.

“As a coach does that sort of thing drive you mad?”

Bilic didn't dignify Shreeves with a response

Bilic didn’t dignify Shreeves with a response

Well do you know what drives us mad, Geoff? Snitches.

We’re fairly sure Bilic will be aware of his defender’s mistakes, but thanks for making double the effort to make them all painstakingly obvious to him.

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