Former Southampton striker Emmanuel Mayuka is in shocking condition out in Egypt

  • The 2012 African Cup of Nations top scorer, who's currently playing for Zamalek, isn't looking in the best of nick
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How’s shredding season going? Struggling to get in shape for those summer holidays on the horizon?

Well fear not, because footballers are going through exactly the same struggle. Not just any footballer.

We’re talking about the 2012 African Cup of Nations top scorer Emmanuel Mayuka, who played for Southampton between 2012 and 2015.


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It’s fair to say his career didn’t really kick on after signing for Southampton, where he failed to score a single league goal.

Now he’s turning out for 12-time Egyptian Premier League winners Zamalek.

We say turning out. What we actually mean is rolling about. Take a look for yourself.

Now it would be unfair to comment on his weight without knowing the circumstances around which he’s put on the timber.

But with a former coach stating on TV that Mayuka ‘loves food’ it’s clear he could do with getting in shape if he wants to continue a career in football.

To be fair, any decent Sunday League team needs to have a big lad with surprisingly good feet, so why should the pro game be any different?

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