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Neymar trolling Antoine Griezmann’s new blue hair is pure savagery

French star Griezmann has revealed his summer look, but the Brazilian forward isn't a great fan of it

Let’s get this out of the way early doors.

Antoine Griezmann’s latest hairstyle isn’t really for us.

The Atletico Madrid star revealed his latest locks in an Instagram post, showing off his new blue highlights as his summer look.

The Frenchman’s hairdo looks like it might be a tie-in with his ambassador role with shampoo dons, Head & Shoulders.

Admirably, he recently posted some shampoo with a container made entirely from recycled plastic collected from the world’s beaches, with the hashtag #bluewave.

We’re guessing the hair might have something to do with it, but the last thing we were expecting from it all was to see Griezmann being given some stick by Barcelona superstar Neymar.

The Brazilian chimed in on Griezmann’s post, with a simple but savage: HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Griezmann responded with some cheeky emojis, and that was that.

It’s as if Neymar has never had a slightly dodgy lid at any stage of his life…

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