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7 reasons why Man United should move to London

Football is a business these days, right?

And over the years we’ve allowed everything about the game to be changed in return for clubs earning a decent buck.

From kit sponsors to kick-off times, nothing is sacred in this new world.

So why should the operating location of a club be any different?

In any other line of business, if a chief exec could show shareholders that their firm would be demonstrably better off by moving to another city he’d be duty-bound to see it through.

Is football really any different?

Or should Man United knock down Old Trafford, pack up their troubles and head to London pronto?

Scroll down for the answer.

*Puts on tin hat*

1 They’d immediately attract better players


Listen, we’ve got nothing against Manchester. We’ve had many a solid night out in the Printworks, the Lowry is as good a modern art gallery in Britain and the girls are reet nice.

But we’re not elite-level footballers. And they’re a shallower lot.

Over the years, countless European stars have taken one look at the BBC five-day forecast and decided Greater Manchester is not for them.



Ronaldinho, Pedro, Edinson Cavani to name just a few.

Oh, and Ronaldo wasn’t that keen on the rain either.

Move to the Capital and all those rainy day problems would just melt away into another sunny London afternoon.

2 Their fans live there anyway


We know this *feels* like an old cliche but the facts are the facts. In 2014, 44% of all Man United replica shirts were sold, not in Manchester, but our fair old capital city of London.

Move down and they’d place themselves within touching distance of the majority of their UK-based support. It just makes straight-forward practical sense.

For the few that are left in Manchester, the Virgin pendolino service gets you to the capital in just over two hours flat anyway.

3 Sponsorship deals would be that much easier to negotiate


United already have a commercial HQ in the Playground of Billionaires that is London’s Mayfair, and that has, in turn, been credited with a massive upsurge in sponsor revenue.

The club themselves say earnings have jumped from £42.5m to £80m through deals done in the London offices.

How much more money could they raise if their board and chief executive were just down the corridor to sign paperwork at the double?

4 They could improve their relations with the FA

coffee morning latte latteart


They’ve been frosty at best through the years, especially during Sir Alex Ferguson’s tenure when the Scot was convinced United were targeted for unfair disciplinary treatment.

With HQ relocated to London, the management team would be a short hop away from Wembley, where a few flat whites could iron out any fraught history in a jiffy.

5 Cash from the turnstiles would go through the roof


United’s ticket prices are currently restrained by geography. Fans in Manchester simply have a smaller disposable income to cough up to watch their team play.

Arsenal’s most expensive matchday ticket (£97) is nearly twice the amount United charge for their maximum (£58).

A clear advantage when it comes to generating yet more revenue.

6 Jose Mourinho already has a house there

chelsea jose mourinho

Should they, you know, fancy a change of manager anytime soon.

7 They could become the first north London club to win the Champions League


Let’s face it United fans, that would be pretty sweet.