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6 times Sensible Soccer was proper weird

Sensible Soccer was a game for the purists.

When life was a lot simpler and we, the general public, were still blissfully unaware that we would one day want to send pictures of our gonads to each other on our pocket-sized palm pilots.

But it was also f***ing weird.

Which if you ask us was all part of its endearing charm.

We long for a return for those days.

And we defy any man, woman or child among you not to feel a pang of gut-wrenching nostalgia as you peruse this list.

  1 Apples v Oranges


It all got a bit fruity.

2 When games took place on the moon


The atmosphere was unreal.

3 When an Eastenders XI took on a Mass Murderers team … and won


Ceaucescu opened the scoring with one of his trademark diving headers.

4 When the ball was a grenade


And killed any nearby players when it exploded at random.

5 When the developers made a team based on their local kekab shop


Pizza had a penchant for shirt-pulling.

6 And Hitler and Stalin were included in a Political XI



Hitler on the right wing, Stalin on the left. Obvs.