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Remembering when Man United fielded a team with SEVEN defenders to face Arsenal… and still won

United's team of 2011 left a lot to be desired, but they still managed to secure a 2-0 victory over their old rivals.

We don’t know if you noticed, but Man United are playing Arsenal at Old Trafford this weekend.

It’s happened before.

And it’ll happen again.

But it might not ever be quite as embarrassing as it was for Arsenal in March 2011.

For starters they were still fielding this bloke in goal.

Manuel Almunia in goal for Arsenal against Man United in 2011


And secondly this man was arguably their best defender.

Johan Djourou in action for Arsenal against Man Untied


And, naturally, they were beaten convincingly.

But by far the most shameful thing about the whole sorry afternoon was the thoroughly insulting, derisory teamsheet Sir Alex Ferguson sent to the referee’s room 60 minutes before kick-off.

Containing, as it did, a grand total of SEVEN defenders.

Everyone thought he was taking the piss.

The BBC sacked their touchline reporter on the spot, assuming he was drunk on the job. OK, that didn’t happen.

But it turned out to be just another master psychological mind trick straight from the big book of Fergie mind games which the United manager spent the best part of a decade torturing Arsene Wenger with.

Just look at the state of this.



That’s a side that’s 63% defence and 45% dog awful full-backs.

And still they walked their way to a 2-0 evisceration of the Gunners.

It was all the more uncomfortable as it was the third competition Arsene Wenger’s men had bombed out of in just days.

They’d spaffed up the Carling Cup final by gifting Birmingham an 89th-minute winner just over a week before.

Then been bent over at the Nou Camp in the Champions League in that game they would’ve won against Barcelona if only Robin Van Persie hadn’t been sent off for having a shot on goal.

Anyway, matters were made even more excruciating for Arsene Wenger when Fabio Da Silva opened the scoring with one of his three goals for the club.

Fabio Da Silva celebrates a goal for Man United against Arsenal in the 2011 FA Cup


Still at least Wenger managed to do his coat up.



Wayne Rooney scored the second. He was good back then.

In sad news for utility men everywhere, this particular version of a United team was disbanded and never reformed.

The actual team went on to finish the season as possibly the worst Premier League title winners of all time.

While Arsenal pipped Spurs to fourth place.

Sounds about right.