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Eden Hazard allegedly once scored a hat-trick while DRUNK

In the final game of the season before joining Chelsea, Eden Hazard allegedly didn't sleep and got drunk... before scoring a hat-trick for Lille

It’s official, Eden Hazard loves the sesh.

And while all the Chelsea boys will have probably enjoyed a couple of drinks in the past week since winning the Premier League, it’s worth reminding ourselves of this excellent tale first reported last year.

According to a former team-mate, the Belgian superstar once scored a hat-trick while still blind drunk from the night before.

In fact, the legend goes he hadn’t even been to sleep.

This incredible revelation came from Lille’s Rio Mavuba who said that Hazard organised a few of the team to meet for drinks on the eve of his last game before signing for Chelsea back in 2012.

Lille were due to finish third in the league no matter what the result against Nancy the next day and so the some of the squad decided to see their departing team-mate off with a few pints.

Clearly things got out of hand as when coach Rudi Garcia entered Hazard’s room in the morning he discovered his star player hadn’t been to sleep.

Then he went and scored a hat-trick!

Mavuba told reporters in 2016: “We were certain to finish third and we were facing Nancy the following day. It was Hazard’s last match with Lille and he wanted to organise a little something.

“We decided to go have a little drink. A little drink that dragged on somewhat. The following morning, Eden was still drunk.

“That evening against Nancy, not even with 30 minutes played, Eden had already bagged a hat-trick.”


While jeopardising a result because of alcohol is something we’d never congratulate, you have to say that’s a good effort.

We can barely be bothered to make it out from under our duvet on a hangover and Hazard’s there putting in a Man of the Match display to lead his team to a 4-1 victory.

All Sunday League players out there will surely appreciate the Belgian’s Herculean resilience.