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FIFA 20: 8 changes we want to see to Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team has become FIFA's biggest earner in recent seasons, but it's far from the finished product...

A lot of us play FIFA Ultimate Team, and a lot of us love it too.

But it’s far from the ideal game mode, with the costs involved and features sometimes becoming outdated too soon.

Here’s some recommendations as to what we’d love to see changed in UT next year…

1 SBCs are stupidly expensive most of the game

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are where players can submit a group of their cards and gain something in return such as packs or players.

There have been times this year where EA have released SBCs where kits can be earned in return and some of these have costed up to 15,000 coins for a single kit, which does not enhance how a player performs – they need to have higher rewards if you want us to complete more of them.


2 Some of the game modes are simply unneccessary

Single Player Seasons is a gamemode in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) that barely any people play: the vast majority of people play online game modes like Division Rivals and FUT Champions.

The rewards for Single Player Seasons are not worth playing for because they’re so small, and Squad Battles, which is also offline, is only played because you can get packs.


3 Packs are seemingly unfairly weighted

Take for example the TOTY (Team of the Year) promotion at the end of 2018.

There was less than a 0.1% chance of packing a TOTY player in a 100,000 coins pack, which costs £20.

A player could spend over £1,000 on packs and still only have a 5% chance of getting one of these players, which seems a bit harsh.


4 Many players think the game is scripted

Some pro players have accused EA of scripting the game, meaning the outcome of a game has already been decided before the game begins.

This is very unlikely, and something EA Sports have strenously denied, but there is undoubtedly occasions in the game when a player will do something which you’ve not told them to do.

It could be regular game bugs, but some players are still not convinced scripting doesn’t exist…


5 Pay to win

Players who spend lots of money on the game have a better chance of winning games than casual players because they can afford to buy the best players.

Although most packs do not earn the money spent back, they always have some coin value, meaning players can always have better teams.

We understand that if you’re going to spend more money on a product, you will get more back, but it just feels that the casual player will never trouble any of the big leagues.

6 Weekly objectives are almost impossible to complete most the time

There have been multiple objectives this year, such as ‘Assist with Spanish players in 9 separate Division Rivals wins’.

It’s basically impossible to do, and should just be made a little easier to keep us on engaged with the game.

And no, we’re not just complaining because we’ve failed on a few of them this year.


7 Daily Objectives are basically useless

There’s a common theme to the things we want changed – we just want to be rewarded a little bit more for our hard work.

Daily Objectives have been in FIFA for a few years now but are for the most part useless. Most of the objectives are ones such as ‘Win a game of Division Rivals’, which are rewarded by a very small reward such as a silver healing card worth 30 coins.


8 FIFA points are really overpriced

12,000 FIFA points, which can buy six 100,000 coin packs, costs £80 which is a huge amount of money to spend on a game that costs around £50.

Call us tight, but if EA want more people to buy these points, they should really reduce the price of them.