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The official PS4 pro controller is a looker but does it hold up against Xbox and Scuf?

How does the Nacon Revolution Unlimited PS4 Pro controller compare to what Microsoft and Scuf have to offer

The Nacon Revolution Unlimited controller is the first officially licensed pro controller that PlayStation has come out with.

But, before we go any further we have to talk about the elephant in the room…


You may be wondering why Nacon’s controller resembles a device associated with a certain competitor – namely Xbox.

Well, according to Nacon, the Revolution Unlimited controller has been given an ‘asymmetric layout in order to provide gamers with an alternative way of playing’ – I for one, love the shape, having always felt more comfortable with an Xbox style controller in my hands.

Fortnuently, I have recently had the opportunity to get hands-on with the controller and find out just how it holds up against its main competitors – the Xbox Elite controller and Scuf Gaming’s equivalent.

Let’s find out if it is worth its £119.99 price tag.

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With a large array of buttons, it’s worth reading the manual before diving in

What does it come with?

The controller comes in a stylish hard storage case that is perfect for travelling.

Within you will find everything you’ll need to take your game to the next level.

  • 3m braided USB-C detachable cable – perfect for long gaming sessions and charging your controller
  • 4x configurable shortcut buttons – to customise your gaming experience
  • Interchangeable stick heads with 30°/38°/46° amplitude
  • Internal weight compartments with six additional weights for tailored balance and feel (2 x 10 g, 2 x 14 g, 2 x 16 g)
  • The controller is also PC compatible

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The design

Nacon’s controller is quite simply, beautiful. It doesn’t feel ‘cheap and plastic’ like some other controllers.

Not only does it fit snugly into your hands, in my opinion, the placement of the analogue sticks just works when a controller is designed this way.

That coupled with the customary PlayStation touchscreen makes for a sleek looking design.

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Another great feature about the design are the ‘internal weight compartments’ which allow you to customise the feel of the controller until it suits you.

For those who have never considered whether the weight of your controller could seriously affect your ‘elite skills’ in FIFA or Fortnite, you need to experience the difference it can make.

Using heavier weights in the controller genuinely made me a better player (I think) when playing Apex Legends!

The fact this controller was built with esports in mind becomes apparent when you push the customisation to its limit.

Don’t believe me? It’s worth playing around with the weights to find a balance that suits you

Don’t believe me? It’s worth playing around with the weights to find a balance that suits you

How it plays

Similar to other ‘elite’ controllers the Revolution Unlimited has four mappable buttons on it’s back named S1, S2, S3 and S4.

They can be remapped to any button you want.

Having been used to paddles on the back of my Scuf and Xbox Elite controllers, it took some getting used to when learning to jump and slide.

After getting used to the new design, I’m certain that, unlike Scuf and Xbox, Nacon’s decision to not use paddles will mean their controllers should have more longevity, as there is less chance of you breaking them off and losing them!

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Compared to its competitors?

Having used a Scuf controller and an Xbox elite controller for a long period of time I am in a good position to point out the advantages and disadvantages of the Nacon Unlimited Revolution in comparison to their competitors.

Xbox Elite (left) and Nacon Unlimited (right)

Xbox Elite (left) and Nacon Unlimited (right)

As the proud owner of the first edition of the Xbox Elite controller, many hours have been spent destroying noobs online.

The best feature this controller has is the ability to take off the paddles when you don’t need all four of them.

However, the slick shortcuts on the Nacon negate this advantage as when playing I could choose not to use the extra buttons without them becoming annoying.

If you are used to paddles you may find it difficult to locate the Unlimited’s buttons as you will be using fingers that were originally for gripping!


Scuf Vantage (left) vs Nacon Unlimited (right)

Scuf Vantage (left) vs Nacon Unlimited (right)

Although the opportunity hasn’t come for us Brits to try out the Scuf Vantage controller yet, I have powered through ample Call of Duty and FIFA titles with my Scuf Infinity 1 controller.

Compared to the Nacon, the Scuf feels flimsy and light – more like a piece of plastic than a device built to make you a better player.

Saying this, when you pay a bit of extra money, the rubber grips on the Scuf controller are second to none for comfort, tipping the balance in favour of Scuf on this one.

If the Unlimited Revolution were to have a slightly more shaped grip then it would be getting full marks from me!

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The Scuf Infinity 1’s comfort is second to none (when you pay extra)

Should you buy it

If you are looking for a replacement to the Dualshock 4 controller that came with your PlayStation – then the Nacon Revolution Unlimited controller is a semi-affordable alternative that is sure to last and will give you an edge over other players.

A huge concern of mine was analogue stick durability – as they are often the first things to break when used vigorously (especially with Scugf controllers) so far the Unlimited Revolution’s sticks show no sign of wearing down!

It’s also worth noting that when trying to use the controller with the PSVR I had some issues as the Nacon’s controller doesn’t have a ‘light bar’ on it – so if you plan on purchasing this device and have a PSVR don’t get rid of your old Dualshock 4 just yet.