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Pro-FIFA player Fully shows how the 4-2-3-1 formation is the best in the game

Professional FIFA player Fully explains how best to utilise the 4-2-3-1 formation

The most dominant formation in FIFA 19 is 4-2-3-1.

For me personally, this formation is the best on the game because it gives you a great balance across all areas of the pitch.

Having three attacking midfielders offers a wider range and variety in attack but also allows you to attack through the middle, down the wing or whatever suits your play style.

4-2-3-1 remains the dominant formation in FIFA 19

4-2-3-1 remains the dominant formation in FIFA 19

The narrow variation of the 4-2-3-1

Rather than having the two wingers as you would in 4-2-3-1 wide variation you now have two attacking midfielders which are positioned closer to the centre attacking midfielder (CAM).

Having this variation makes build-up play a lot easier in the final third as having the left midfielder and right midfielder higher up will cause them to make more direct runs behind your offensive back line.

This is critical because your attacking players will be making more direct runs, leading to more goalscoring opportunities.

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More shots at goal = more goals

Instructions vary depending on your style

Having both the wide attacking midfielders with the instruction “stay forward” really cements them being the spearhead of your attack.

This setting will benefit a more counter attacking play style, as when you win the ball in your final third of the pitch and you look to break, your attackers are already forward, looking to make runs in behind for the quick break.

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Also, having both centre defensive midfielders (CDM) with the instruction “stay back while attacking“ would be the number one way to play this formation.

With this, you can play a variety of play styles from counter-attacking to possession play etc.

Having both CDMs set to that instruction is the bread and butter of the formation!

Not only does it hold the team together in any play style you choose to play, but it also contributes massively to the wide attacking midfielders staying forward because you now have a balance of attack and defence.

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Preparation is key to winning more games

This isn’t the only crucial factor in this formation.

The lone striker that plays upfront can be set to “stay forward“ as well as “get in behind the back line“ these two options vary on how you want to play.

Having the option of “get in behind” is a more possession-based style, however, for quick fast, counter-attacking football this would be your best bet to get the most out of your attacker.

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Add in skill moves like the el tornado cross to keep your opponents guessing


You will want to instruct your full-back too, stay back while attacking“.

99% of pros have this setting on and will cement your defence.

Your key threat here is your wide attacking midfielders, not your full backs as you would see in real life football.

The most dominating way to play would be to work the ball in the wide areas and get the crosses in towards your wide CAMs when you see them making direct runs in towards the back post of the opposition penalty box!

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If the pros are doing it then you should be as well

Remember it is key to use your wide midfielders as the spearhead of your attack rather than your central players as they will be the ones that will ultimately score the goals and get you the win you’re looking for in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team!