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Pro-FIFA player Fully: Perfecting fake shots and four other ‘skills’ you should be using

Sometimes the simplest moves can be used to trick your opponent

The resident Dream Team Gaming FIFA-coach Fully is back this week talking about 

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Fully’s other tips, you can read up on them below:

This week focuses on perfecting fake shots alongside some other helpful skills that will help you keep possession and create space on the pitch.

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Perfecting a wide array of skills and moves set you above the competition in FIFA 19

Flick up cross

We spoke previously about the el tornado cross. With it being a 5-star skill move, not every player has the ability to do it.

There is a similar method however that doesn’t require 5-star skill moves to perform but is just as effective.

When you are running (you can be standing still too) press R3/RS (whilst holding/pressing no other button) and the player will flick the ball into the air.

Immediately hit a full power cross to the back post. It is important that you only press R3/RS because if you’re holding sprint or the left stick to run, the move won’t perform correctly.

  • A note on this – because you’re wanting your player to be at the back post, this works best with formations that have wingers or LAM and RAMs. 4-1-2-1-2 narrow is a popular formation but this crossing method isn’t as effective with that formation.

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A bit of flair is never something to scoff at

First-time fake shot

The first-time fake shot creates space better than most other moves and is used by every single pro in tournaments.

I don’t mean just casual fake shots with the ball at your feet either, I mean passing it into one of your strikers and then performing the move to the left or to the right.

When you’re passing it into the striker, the defending player has a decision to make.

They can either jockey and stay central, in hopes you’re just going to control it, OR they have to cover the space to the left or space to the right.

This is why the first take fake shot is a great move because if the defending player reads it wrong, you’ve created a shooting opportunity.

It’s also a pretty safe way to ensure your player controls the ball correctly and you lower the chances of them taking a strange first touch, which can happen if the defender is quite tight.

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Creating space is integral to beating your opponent in FIFA 19

Another variation of the fake shot is to use it to stop dead when you’re running

This is usually done out on the wings and in the box.

If you are being chased by a defender on FIFA 19, the likelihood is you’re going to be caught no matter who you’re running with – pace just isn’t as effective as it has been in the past.

So when you’re being chased, most of the time you will see a pro player ball roll towards the throwing line and just turn back on themselves.

A quicker way to stop is to simply perform a fake shot, letting go of the direction you are running in.

Simply put – perform the fake shot and let go of the left stick as you’re doing it.

The chasing player then runs past, giving you space to come inside.

In the box this can also bait the opposing player to make a tackle, a lot of the time the AI will foul you resulting in a penalty.

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Practice makes perfect – make sure you are using these skills regularly online

Making use of the “call or send” player commands.

This is something that will take time to fully master but can really make a difference.

Whilst in possession of the ball, you have the ability to call a player closer to receive a pass or send one of your players running forward to receive a through ball.

To send a player running forward, most people think you have to make a pass holding L1/LB, which then makes the player who passed the ball run forward.

However, you can make players run forward without having to make the pass.

If you are facing one of your players and tap L1/LB, it will trigger them to start running forward.

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This move is best done on the wings so make sure your wingers are top notch

This is best done on the wings, if you have the ball with your full back, you can tap L1/LB when facing your winger, and as they start to run past the opposing full back, hit a high through ball and they will have most of the opposing half of the pitch to run into.

This is a great way to get your team up the field if you’re under a lot of pressure.

Now, you also have the option to call your players short, to do this its R1/RB.

This isn’t one I use a lot but in those games where you’re struggling to keep the ball, it can really make a difference.

Remember you have to be facing the player you want to come short for it to work.

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Fully previously competed for Dream Team Gaming in the Elite Series

Make use of the D-Pad instructions.

There are some really good tactics on the D-PAD you can access in-game without having to pause.

The most effective moves? When you are chasing a lead, you can apply team press and attacking full backs.

This is risky of course so its usually done late on in games, but I find it really helps pile the pressure on the opponent without having to pause the game.

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The d-pad is a massively overlooked feature – play this to your advantage

If you are defending a lead and want players to come back, you also have the striker drop back option as well.

It’s important to get the muscle memory for these tactics as it’s quite distracting having to do them whilst focusing on what’s happening in the game as well.

Be sure to follow Fully on Twitter and tune in next Monday for more tips from a pro