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Professional FIFA player reveals 7 essential attacking tips you need to know

Scoring goals has never been so simple

Resident Dream Team Gaming FIFA-pro Fully is here to give you some advice.

This week Fully has focused on maximising your attacking technique, whether playing online or on the couch against friends – this will help you score more goals consistently.

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Having competed recently for Dream Team in the Gfinity Elite Series – Fully knows his stuff

Here are 7 essential attacking tips you need to know.

1 Formation

Using 4-2-3-1 gives you width when attacking.

More importantly, it gives you targets to aim for at the back post when crossing.

This is the formation you should be rocking

This is the formation you should be rocking

2 An El Tornado cross is more accurate than a normal cross

The El Tornado is a 5-star skill move that you perform by holding L1/LB and flicking the right stick in the direction your player is facing and then flicking it again at a 90-degree angle.

3 Timing a header green when crossing is pivotal

The timed shooting feature is extremely important on FIFA 19 and will increase the chances of your shots/headers being on target.

You power up a shot and then press the shoot button again just as your player is about to make contact with the ball. It sounds simple, but it takes a lot of practice to get used to it.

4 Timing low driven shots across goal can be the difference between winning and losing

You should practice that whenever possible.

5 Using L1/LB, when in possession, triggers a player you are facing (but not controlling) to make a forward run

It is best to do this with the wingers as usually, they have a lot of space to run into.

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Make space when attacking

6 Using your best aerial attacker on the wing, instead of ST (such as Ronaldo or Ibrahimovic) is the way to go

Crossing is now the most effective way to score, so start to think about your lineup and add in tall players, or players with good jumping stats in the important positions.

Fully has been killing it since the release of FIFA 19

Fully has been killing it since the release of FIFA 19

7 Skill moves can be your best friend when playing against people who are defending in their own box, which tends to happen a lot

The drag back skill is very effective in these situations.

There are 2 parts to this skill, the initial drag back, which you perform by holding L1/LB and pulling back on the left stick, and then the second part is the direction that you choose to exit the move.

This can be back the way you were facing, behind you, to left or to the right. It is a good way of baiting your opponent into making a bad tackle which can result in a free kick in a great position or even a penalty.

Be sure to follow Fully on Twitter and tune in next Monday for more tips from a pro