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PS5 ‘could be able to play any PlayStation game ever made’ thanks to new tech

Sony may have finally unlocked the ability to have their next console play any game they've ever made

The PlayStation 5 could well have a serious leg-up over the Xbox 2 if a new patent filed by Sony is to be believed.

Sony appears to have finally cracked the problem of backwards compatibility with tech that could let players carry on playing their old games on their new console.

The PlayStation 2’s library of games is bigger than any console released before or since

PA:Press Association
The PlayStation 2’s library of games is bigger than any console released before or since

A patent has been filed in Japan by — among others — the lead architect of the PlayStation 4’s chips which would let the part of the processor of a future console effectively pretend to be the processor for any previous console, so it could then run games written for them without the need to the games themselves to be updated.

The processor would effectively lie to the game in question, telling it it was running on the older chips while actually doing the processing itself.

Sony tried to implement something like this with the PS4 specifically for PSX and PS2 games but it never hit prime time.

It ties into a patent that was filed by Sony in 2016 that outlined some pretty nifty technology for automatically increasing the quality of older games when played on a newer networked system.


A chart from the patent application showing the process

A chart from the patent application showing the process

That patent showed off the ability to replace textures and audio files on the fly with higher-quality versions as they became available.

Combining the two means that HD (or indeed 4K) remasters of older games could become much easier and cheaper to produce, especially for games where Sony still has assets used to create the original game.

They could, for instance, make a high-quality uncompressed version of original recording of a game’s soundtrack available now that storage space is much less of an issue, with the game automatically playing you that music instead of the version that was squished down to fit on the original disc.

The same is true for updating the graphics showing what surfaces or objects look like.

If the technology works as suggested, it would give the PS5 effectively instant access to a library of over 10,000 games released across the PlayStation’s history — the PS2 alone had over 2,500 games released for it, more than any other console in history.

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