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The number of PS4’s that have now been sold is staggering

Microsoft and Nintendo need to up their game

Sony has just released how many PlayStation 4’s they have sold since its release in 2013.

Having made $4.9 billion in sales from PlayStation alone this quarter, it’s fair to say the games console is definitely the companies most profitable division.

The company has confirmed they have shipped roughly 86.1million consoles worldwide.

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Some huge Sony exclusive titles have helped generate sales this year

This is over double the amount of Xbox one’s sold since its launch in 2013 (up your game Microsoft).

The Nintendo Switch has also sold surprisingly well since its release in March 2017, having sold over 22million units.

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The Switch has sold incredibly well since its release just over a year ago

The popularity of Nintendo’s portable game console hybrid comes as no surprise since the original Wii has sold more than 101million units to this date!

Although the number of PS4’s sold may seem gargantuan, it pales in comparison to its predecessors:

  • PlayStation 2 – 155 million
  • Nintendo DS – 154 million
  • Game Boy, Game Boy Colour – 118 million
  • PlayStation – 102 million
  • Wii – 101 million
  • Xbox 360 – 84 million

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There were some seriously great games on the Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 3 – 83 million
  • PlayStation 4 – 84 million
  • PlayStation Portable – 82 million
  • Game Boy Advance – 81 million
  • Nintendo 3DS – 72 million
  • NES – 61 million
  • SNES – 49 million
  • Xbox One – 39 million

Will you be picking up a new console this Black Friday?