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PlayStation might be letting users change their PSN names soon

So goodbye to xXxQuIcKsCoPe420BlAz3xXx

It might finally be happening.

After Sony historically started the process of introducing cross-play with other consoles last month, the news that they might be allowing PSN users to change their usernames has come as somewhat of a shock.

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A lot of good multiplayer games are coming out over the next few months

According to a report from Kotaku, four anonymous game developers have come out saying they are preparing their games for when PlayStation roll out the new feature which will allow players to ‘edit their username’.

One of the developers shared a photo, obtained from internal Sony documentation, of a PSN profile containing the option to “edit username.”

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With FIFA 19 here, and so many more good games coming out over the next few months, it would be good for players to be able to change their usernames from the ones they had playing Modern Warfare 2 when they were 13.

I know I wouldn’t want to still be using the gamertag ‘A Juicy Melon’…