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FIFA 19: You won’t believe the odds of packing an upgraded Cristiano Ronaldo on Ultimate Team

This is an absolute joke

Thousands of gamers spent the weekend playing Ultimate Team on FIFA 19.

While a lot of the time would have involved matches, buying FUT packs and building a team is arguably more important.

As a result of FIFA fans claiming the odds of packing decent playing were far too low, EA introduced a Show Pack Probabilities feature. And it makes for shocking reading.

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Want Cristiano Ronaldo? The odds are against you

As Eurogamer explains, this sees special versions of Cristiano Ronaldo and other top players added to the market. Ratings for these cards are dynamic, so change as the season progresses, depending on real-life form.

However, according to EA, when pack probabilities are revealed, there’s a less than one per cent chance of packing one of these cards.

For those spending hundreds of pounds trying to pack a decent player the stats make for grim reading – especially if you’ve splurged a lot of money in the past.

While these cards were always known to be rare, just how sparse they are will certainly come as a shock to most.

In other news, FIFA 19 physical sales were down 25 per cent on FIFA 18.



According to GamesIndustry.biz, 64 per cent of the sales were on PS4, 35 per cent were on Xbox One and just one per cent were on Nintendo Switch.

Sales of the legacy version of the game for PS3 and Xbox 360 were so low that the figures couldn’t be registered.

This could well spell the end of the FIFA series on last-gen platforms.