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Fort Knight: The new port-a-fortress could be the start of a crazy Season 6

Castles, jump-pads, rockets, grappling hooks... Season 6 could be the craziest yet

We all know that due to the style of Fortnite, EPIC Games has the creative licence to do whatever they please when it comes to skin, items and weapon integration.

With the new update, they have certainly added some ridiculousness.

Image result for port a fortress

The brand new Port-a-Fortress

This week we found a legendary new item pick up, the port-a-fortress which is a monstrous version of the port-a-fort and boy does this thing not disappoint.

The almost instant fort is massive, it’s a 3×3 base that extends to 5×5 sniper nest and even comes with built-in bounce pads for quick escapes, and let’s be honest, it is insanely good.

Of course, there is the age-old argument of EPIC trying to introduce content into the game that helps the less architectural of players to gain their victory royales but I am always under the impression that no matter what that addition is, skilful players will just always use it better.

Come check out my YouTube channel 516 Daddy Gamer

Come check out my YouTube channel 516 Daddy Gamer

Personally, I am a big fan of randomness to multiplayer games – not being able to predict other player’s next move is what makes for intense fights and skilful manoeuvres where you think to yourself “what a great play I just made” along with all the goosebumps representing a pat on your own back.

The port-a-fortress only adds to those moments of, what on earth do I do now?!

I think the port-a-fortress, as much as I hate seeing it spring up in front of me, is a great addition to the game.

The item is stupid, it’s funny, it’s overpowered but I love it.

All along we have all said that Fortnite had a vision of loads of castles and towers across the map, they probably expected us to create beautiful masterpieces around the map but instead, we grabbed the paint and did finger painting across the island.

I think this is EPIC Games bringing back a little more finesse to the building element of Fortnite and despite the intricacy of the fortress it is very strong and almost impossible to knock down quickly without explosives.

Image result for cube loot lake

Last night the cube melted into Loot Lake making the surface bouncy

So when you come across a gold ball, pick it up and keep that bad boy for emergency situations or even better the final few circles where everyone is cobbling together either ammunition or materials.

On a final note, I mentioned last week that EPIC Games need to be aware of the new game releases that promise battle royale modes, so is this the thin end of a thick wedge to ludicrous Fortnite additions and crazy gameplay?

Let’s hope so.

See you on the island guys, you won’t miss me and my fortress that’s for sure!