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FIFA 19: This is the easiest way to make THOUSANDS of coins on Ultimate Team

You'll never look at bronze cards the same way again

Playing the market is an essential part of FIFA Ultimate Team – especially if you’re not able to spend tons of money.

Learning to trade, analyse supply and demand and pick the perfect time to invest is essential.

While it can seem daunting, one stand-out technique has emerged over the past few months – and it’s already won over top YouTubers and FIFA players.

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Securing the best players for your team can be tough and expensive – but this method has been proven to be successful

It’s called the Bronze Pack Method (BPM) and it can work wonders when done right. Simply put, it involves buying loads of the cheapest bronze packs and then selling them all.

So, what cards should you target?

Rare bronze cards go for around 200 coins, while healing cards can fetch up to 1,000 a pop.

Now, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, more a lengthy grind – but over time, you’ll slowly build up a profit.

FIFA fan website Futnation put the BPM to the test (a while back) by opening 50 packs, which cost 20,000 coins, and tracking the sales.

Neymar in action on FIFA 19

Neymar in action on FIFA 19

They write: “In total, I packed 20 players who sold for profit, all between the 200-1000 coin margins.

“There’s a very good chance some of the other players would have sold if I had listed and re-listed for 200 coins. However, I elected to store them all in my club for future SBC opportunities.

“That decision paid off just a few days later when EA released an FA Cup SBC, in which I was able to unload a lot of the League One and League Two players I had packed while using the BPM.

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to track those sales exactly, but it would’ve put me well over the 20,000 coin mark in the end.”

Players are always keen to make an extra buck in Ultimate Team

Players are always keen to make an extra buck in Ultimate Team

Given how much luck is involved, the BPM isn’t the greatest option if you’re running low on coins.

But for those looking for another way to invest without spending tons of cash, it’s fun and addictive – plus you get to open more packs than ever before.

Sounds like a winner to us.