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FIFA 19: EA Sports explains why they’ve overhauled shooting this year

It's all about risk and reward

FIFA 19 features ‘timed finishing’ – a new mechanic that lets you make any shot even more effective with an extra, well-timed button tap.

But there’s a catch. Get it wrong and you’ll hoof the ball into Row Z.

For gameplay producer Sam Rivera, it was all about adding a new layer of risk/reward to shooting in FIFA 19.

“We had feedback from pro and casual players that they wanted something else – another tool that allows you with your skill to have a very good shot.

Neymar in action on FIFA 19

Neymar in action on FIFA 19

“So, we decided that timing was probably the best type of skill we wanted to put in the game.”

He continued: “It was a challenge to come up with an idea – we tried for a couple of years to get timing in the game but we just couldn’t get the right mechanic involved.”

As with any new, radical feature, Rivera was aware that timed finishing may alienate some fans. Thankfully, he confirmed it’s an ‘optional’ mechanic that can switched off via the game menus.

“With competitive gaming growing, we thought it was a good year to introduce new tools where your skill really matters in the game. However, it can be turned off.”

Elsewhere, EA Sports also revealed why they decided to call time on Alex Hunter’s Journey on FIFA.

Timed finishing can be switched off in the menu

Timed finishing can be switched off in the menu

Speaking to Dream Team Gaming, creative director Matt Prior said it was always their intention to have a trilogy – culminating in Hunter playing in the Champions League.

“We envisaged it three years ago now – and we always envisaged it as a trilogy because that’s a trope movies followed,” he said.

“We always envisaged it that each year would tell a different level of football. Year one was him breaking out into the professional game, year two was him spreading his wings and going to LA and Europe and year three was him competing in the ultimate goal in football – the Champions League.” You can read the full story here


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