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FIFA 19: We asked EA Sports about the 5-v-5 ‘Survival mode’ on FIFA – this is what they said

So is that a yes or a no?

Rumours have intensified in recent days regarding a 5-v-5 ‘Survival Mode’ on FIFA 19 – after a really convincing image started doing the rounds on Twitter

The picture in question was a screenshot – appearing to show a menu screen with a ‘Last Player Standing’ mode.

Here it is in all of its glory:

Lovely. Tweet credit @FIFATRADEBRASIL 

However, despite many outlets appearing to confirm the mode will be included in the game, it doesn’t take a genius to see the image plonked in the middle is taken from an earlier FIFA Street.

Plus, the whole thing just looks a bit off.

Still, it was enough to get our Spidey-sense tingling – so we contacted EA for some clarification on the matter.

When asked to confirm whether the image was fake – they replied: “More detail on FIFA 19 will be revealed in due course.

“EA have no further comment on this specific story at this time.”

Well, well, well.

FIFA 19 comes out at the end of September

FIFA 19 comes out at the end of September

It appears they didn’t want to rule out the possibility of said Survival Mode coming to this year’s game.

Interesting – as we thought they would have outright declared the image was a fake.

What we do know is coming is a House Rules mode – which looks like a lot of fun.

Although EA Sports has not confirmed exactly what this will be – YouTuber DTT states it’ll be likely be an 11-versus 11 game, where each team loses a player each time they score.

The team who scores the most goals and loses the most players wins.

According to the YouTuber, the mode will be playable both offline and online -which, if validated, will go down a storm with those players getting tired of the same yearly Ultimate Team offering.

House Rules will see you lose a member of your team every time you score

House Rules will see you lose a member of your team every time you score

The mode first featured in the popular FIFA Street games – but wasn’t on the recent FIFA games.

Although purely speculation, EA has been under pressure to reboot the popular Street franchise – so House Rules may be a way of placating some of that fan base.

The mode featured on the FIFA Street series

The mode featured on the FIFA Street series

Elsewhere, EA confirmed Career Mode will be getting a number of tweaks this year.

In an interview with USGamerFIFA 19 creative director Matthew Prior spoke about career mode and what changes players can expect.

“There’s a big update in the sense that the Champions League is in there,” said Prior.

He added: “This time, career mode is the most authentic its ever been.”

Prior hinted there would be a whole user interface overhaul to reflect the new league.

You can read all about FIFA 19 career mode here