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The Fort Knight: This week’s top tips on how to boss Season 5 from our resident pro

All hail the new double pump

Epic is renowned for making tweaks to Fortnite, usually resulting in a better, more fresh experience.

We are all used to it now but sometimes the changes bring about a new meta to the game.

New metas mean that you’ll need to change your game style or loadout to give you the best advantages in gunfights.

Season 5 is no different.

We don’t recommend using the bush…

We don’t recommend using the bush…

I remember the day when a single shot from the pump would give you the most satisfying instant kill (or knock) but those days are gone, and a new gun selection is a must.

With the release of the compact Sub Machine Gun (SMG), Fortnite is beginning to shape a whole new feel to it.

TLDR: shotguns are no longer king

Shotguns have been absolutely battered with nerfs as of late.

Whilst I can understand what Epic is trying to do with the pellet detection, the frequency of random sub 20 damage hits just happens all too often, ultimately leaving a sour taste in my mouth whenever I use it.

Always rock an SMG as well as a shotgun

Always rock an SMG as well as a shotgun

The 85 damage from a blue pump shotgun is monstrous and when I heard that thing go off near me in the past, I immediately became wary.

As in the hands of a skilful player they were deadly but today, if I am carrying an SMG I am gunning straight for that player to add to my kill tally.

Who needs an AR anyway?

The SMG weapons have come out as a class of their own in the new season, to such a degree that the tactical SMG was so overpowered it was removed and replaced with the new compact SMG.

Check out 516 Daddy Gamer on YouTube for gameplay on how to win

Check out 516 Daddy Gamer on YouTube for gameplay on how to win

If you are wanting to get your first victory royale or improve on your current tally – having an SMG in your loadout is an absolute must.

The rate at which they melt materials, shield and health is astonishing and arguably too overpowered in its current state, most games I don’t even pick up an assault rifle, in fact, I will carry two SMGs to negate the slow reload and I just switch once I am out of bullets.

All hail the new double pump.