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FIFA 18: EA Sports gave Toni Kroos the most pointless upgrade of all time… again

The Real Madrid star has to be one of the most unbalanced players on FIFA

Toni Kroos won’t be too happy with EA Sports.

The Real Madrid star, and his fans, have long been asking the FIFA 18 developer for a pace upgrade – believing his 50-rated score is too low.

The Los Blancos midfielder once even tweeted footage of him sprinting – in a bid to get his plea noticed.

Well, EA listened and, in an earlier Team of the Week, gave Kroos a pace upgrade – of one point.


That brought Kroos’ speed rating to a shocking 51 – in what can only be described as one of the most pointless upgrades we’ve ever seen.

But it gets worse for the German, when you look at the latest Team of the Week.

Despite a string of wonderful performances, the 28-year-old gets just one more point added to his speed – taking it to underwhelming 52.

Kroos joins the likes of Salah in this week’s TOTW

Kroos joins the likes of Salah in this week’s TOTW

Anyone who plays FIFA will know this is utterly meaningless.

Bumping him up to 60 would have a real impact, but one point won’t do him any favours in a game that notoriously relies on pace.

It’s not all bad news.

His new card boasts 86 shooting, 92 passing and 85 dribbling – making it his best so far by some distance.

If he were to get a speed boost, he’d be almost unstoppable – so maybe it’s a way of EA trying to keep things ‘fair’.

Kroos’ standard card

Kroos’ standard card

Kroos shouldn’t give up asking, though.

EA finally gave Yannick Bolasie the ability to pull off the El Tornado skill move – after the Everton winger bombarded them on Twitter.

The 27-year-old, who spent much of last year injured, claimed the move was nothing more than his own Bolasie flick.