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FIFA 18: 5 things that can only happen in FIFA

You'll never ever see these play out in real life

FIFA 18 is arguably one of the realistic sports games ever made – but it hasn’t got everything right.

Look closely and there’s a handful of weird events and quirks that simply wouldn’t happen in real life.

In fact, there’s more chance of us living on the moon next year than some of this stuff happening.

Here, with help from YouTuber DTT, we pick the four best – starting with, well, an absolute no brainer.

Lionel Messi to Real Madrid


I mean, that’s just not going to happen, is it?

Yet on Career Mode, providing you have deep pockets, nearly anything is possible.

It just doesn’t look right seeing the Argentine line up in a Los Blancos kit.

Cristiano Ronaldo to Barcelona


The same can be said about Ronaldo going to Barca.

There are reports he’s been linked with other clubs – but the Catalan club is definitely not interested.

Even the Portuguese star himself looks a bit baffled by the move in that pic. Just look at that face.

Neymar letting Edinson Cavani take a free kick / penalty 


The pair have famously not seen eye-to-eye with a few things – especially when it comes to free kicks and penalties.

Neymar recently denied Cavani the chance to break PSG’s goal-scoring record (which he has since broken) by not allowing him to take a pen.

Even PSG fans ended up booing the decision.

Andres Iniesta getting sent off


Iniesta has made more than 750 appearances for club and country without being dismissed.

A true great in every respect.

On FIFA though, you can use the Spaniard to break someone’s legs… and the result? An early bath.

Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra shaking hands 


While at Liverpool, striker Suarez was charged with racially abusing Manchester United defender Patrice Evra.

Suarez denied the charge but was found guilty by the FA and handed a £40,000 fine and eight-game suspension.

Despite the controversial past, the pair will happily shake hands in the game – something we probably wouldn’t have seen in the heat of the incident.

Since then, the duo have reportedly buried the hatchet – with Evra once referring to Suarez as ‘the best No 9 in the world’.