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FIFA 18: Gamers have discovered the ‘ultimate’ formation in Ultimate Team

Looks can be deceiving

Winning FIFA 18 matches just got a lot easier – if you’re willing to play around with your formation, that is.

According to a load of FIFA players, the 5-2-1-2 formation really is the most well rounded set up in the game.

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Although five at the back line-ups are often coined “sweaty” and “park the bus”, it allows you to completely overun your opponents – as well as offering plenty of attacking threat from the flanks.

This comes thanks to the versatile wing backs – who play several crucial roles.

How the formation looks on the game

As one gamer on the the FIFA sub-reddit writes: “The wing backs, if put on overlap, can open up a counter attack, give you an exit route if you’re holding possession, but always drop back to support your three center backs.

“Having high stamina on them means that they can terrorize the flanks all game.”

It’s going down a treat with the community on the FIFA sub-reddit.

One gamer wrote: “I played it all year last year with very attacking wing backs and absolutely loved it.

“I felt like I was always outnumbering the opponent in the midfield. Helped loads.”

Cristiano Ronaldo could be even more effective using this set up

Another said: “I recently came up against a guy using this formation.

“First time I saw it. I got absolutely overrun in the middle and when I’d cover his midfielders, his full backs offered great width and left me short at the back.”

Formations can have a huge impact on the outcome of a match – and one is so powerful EA banned it from Ultimate Team.

The 3-5-1-1 formation involves flooding the midfield to exploit space down the flanks – providing you have enough pace on the wings.

FIFA 18 had a graphics overhaul this year but has not been without its fair share of criticism

It essentially gives you six midfielders, which would completely dominate the middle of the park – leading to unbalanced matches.

Give it a try offline and see for yourself.