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FIFA 19: 5 things EA Sports need to add to Career Mode

How good would proper press conferences be?

Career Mode finally got some much-needed attention in FIFA 18 – but it’s still far from perfect.

Come FIFA 19 we’d want to see EA Sports push the boat out further and deliver an even more immersive experience.

And, thanks to Frostbite technology, a big improvement could well be on the cards.

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We’ve had a think about what should be brought to the table – starting with an absolute no-brainer.

Oh, and remember, to keep up to date with all FIFA 19 news be sure to check out our detailed FIFA 19 article – discussing exactly what we can expect to see in this year’s game.

Right, back to Career Mode.

Press conferences 

Last year’s game saw the introduction of transfer negotiations powered by the Frostbite engine.

Here, you’d have to negotiate with agents and managers to sign a player – with gamer choice put in the spotlight.

One wrong move would cost you dearly – often leading to them to become incredibly tense affairs.

Press conferences is a huge area for EA Sports to tackle in FIFA 19

Right now, press conferences in the game are pretty dry and do not make capitalise properly on Frostbite technology.

But, given the strong reception to the revised transfer negotiation mechanic, we can fully expect to see a similar presentation echoed in press conferences come FIFA 19.

Here, how you react would shape how the press respond – with fiery and cool responses leading to very different outcomes.

Perhaps you’re quizzed about a player who then hears what you’ve said and threatens to leave the club? The possibilities are endless.

Given that EA has already got a detailed news hub in place – surely this isn’t too much to ask?

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More customisation

Being able to create yourself as a manager would be welcomed by fans – and is well within Frostbite’s capabilities.

There are only a handful of manager avatars a gamer could choose from when starting out as a new manager.

By adding more character customisation, EA would make the experience feel even more personal.

Transfer negotiations were brilliant, tense affairs – and will return with gusto in FIFA 19

Frostbite makes player and manager models look better than ever – so there’s really no excuse.

It’s a shame there’s no spoken dialogue in the transfer negotiations, either – so maybe EA can find a way of addressing this?

Scenario Mode

In Career Mode, you always start from fresh – and take your team from a base level to greatness (or mediocrity / relegation if you’re as bad as I am).

One wrong move in FIFA 18’s Career Mode and you’ll spook the agent or manager

But wouldn’t it be great to have a ‘Scenario Mode’ – where you’re thrust into a team mid-crisis and have to steer the ship to safety?

Perhaps one team is in the relegation zone and you only have four matches to turn it around? Or maybe you’ve just lost your star striker and have to coach up a young replacement?

As Futhead mentions, EA dabbled with Scenario Mode in the Euro and World Cup games so perhaps it’s time to bring it back?

Player decline

Time waits for no man, but on the last two FIFAs the ageing process is way too harsh.

After the age of 30, players begin to slow down so dramatically that by 34 they’re pretty much unable to run.

Technical attributes often decline at an alarmingly fast rate, too – regardless of the player.

Seeing a 37-year-old Lionel Messi with a sprint speed in single figures is a tad harsh, if you ask us.

FIFA 17 was just as harsh on players in their later years… just take a look at what happens to a 40-year-old Leo Messi


EA has done a great job with the broadcast packages for the Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga but there’s still more to do.

As Futhead suggests, EA needs to bring the likes of Serie A, Ligue 1 and others up to the same level over the next few years – to help deliver a more well-rounded experience.

Who knows, maybe the Champions League will make a comeback one day?

We can only dream.