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Red Dead Redemption 2: release date, trailer, graphics, map, story, characters, multiplayer, GTA 6 and more

Red Dead Redemption 2: Everything you need to know about Rockstar's GTA V killer - but not until October

FIFA 19 may be on most people’s radars, but Red Dead Redemption 2 is arguably the most anticipated game of the year.

Developed by Rockstar Studios, the Western will serve as a prequel to 2010’s Red Dead Redemption, introducing new characters and gameplay dynamics.

We’ve pulled together everything you need to know about the game – from release date, to price and what to expect.

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RDR2 will be powered by the same engine as GTA V – albeit a heavily tweaked version

RDR2 will be powered by the same engine as GTA V – albeit a heavily tweaked version

Gameplay and plot

RDR2 will be powered by the same RAGE technology behind Grand Theft Auto V – just a heavily tweaked version.

It’s set before the events of the last game and follows the antics of the notorious Van der Linde gang. The main baddie of the last game, Dutch, also returns.

It seems as though Arthur Morgan is the main character but we’re confident that – like in GTA V, you’ll play as multiple characters – given how well it worked.

The map will be varied with forest, swamps and mountains

The map will be varied with forest, swamps and mountains

In theory, this could see missions designed to allow you to play different parts of a heist or train robbery. This could also be where the multiplayer aspect comes in.

Like in the last game, we’d expect plenty of side quests and downtime – be that having a drink in a saloon or breaking horses on a farm.

Dead Eye targeting, the slow-motion aiming mechanic, will also likely return – allowing you to blast individual limbs.

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Thanks to the RAGE physics engine, enemies will react in a different way depending on where they’re shot – almost certainly resulting in the game being awarded an 18 rating.

Elsewhere, we know that PS4 users will get access to early content but what this is remains to be seen.

The game will likely see multiple playable characters, much like GTA V

The game will likely see multiple playable characters, much like GTA V

How big will the world be?

Pretty huge. The game map was actually leaked last year, and was verified by a source close to TechRadar.

Interestingly, there are areas that cross over from the first game – including Blackwater.

It’s also clear the landscape is incredibly varied, ranging from mountains to forests and swamps.

An island in the East of the map suggests there may be boats, too.

Red Dead Redemption's map is on a huge scale.

Red Dead Redemption’s map was leaked last year and looks absolutely massive

So, when’s it coming out?

Unfortunately for those looking to get their hands on the game in June, they’ll be waiting a bit longer.

RDR” has been delayed until October 26. Keep an eye on all Red Dead Redemption developments here

Earlier in the year Dutch retailer Coolshop accidentally posted the summer release date, but since retracted the information.

As reported in The Sun, Coolshop successfully leaked the official release date of GTA V.

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Can I pre-order it now?

Yes. It’s available for pre-order on Xbox One and Ps4 Amazon at £49.99 and Game at £49.99.

Both are available with free delivery. There will be no version for last-gen consoles.

Sadly, there’s still no word as to whether a PC version of the game is on the cards.

We’re sure it will arrive, but it may be a few months after launch – similar to GTA V.

The game sees protagonist Arthur Morgan rob and fight their way across America.

Arthur Morgan is the main character in the game but we’ll likely be able to control multiple members of the Van der Linde gang

What can I do in the meantime?

Well, play Red Red Dead Redemption!

It’s available on PS Now and backwards compatible with Xbox One.

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Now check out the latest trailer