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FIFA 18: EA Sports has FINALLY fixed Sami Khedira

The Germany star's appearance has been updated in the game

Sami Khedira has been pretty annoyed with EA Sports.

That’s because the FIFA 18 developer got the Juventus player’s haircut wrong.


For the last couple of months, the German still sported long locks – despite him wearing it much shorter for the past two seasons while playing in Italy.

The German midfielder was so angry that he even kicked off on Twitter, tweeting to EA Sports: “Hey EA Sports, I’m really glad you like my long hair… but I’m wearing it short for almost two years now.”

Now, after more than two months of waiting, Khedira’s new hairstyle is finally on the game.

Not only that, but his face has been given a bit more love, too – and looks far more realistic than before.

The former Real Madrid star has had his appearance updated after months of waiting

The former Real Madrid star has had his appearance updated after months of waiting

The update arrives with a new patch as EA Sports battles to improve the game.

The Vancouver-based developer is currently under fire from gamers who are calling for substantial changes and improvements in gameplay and presentation.

The movement, called #FIXFIFA, has already amassed support from around the world – with a change.org petition boasting more than 40,000 signatures.

The Weekend League, Ultimate Team packs and general gameplay have all been targeted.

You can your hands on the new Fifa for free, honestly!

The update comes as pressure mounts on EA Sports

The latest patch makes a number of key changes – including fixing incorrect penalty calls where a defender legally wins a header but also collides with an attacking player.

Elsewhere, goalkeepers have been improved – now no longer staying on the ground for too long or failing to gather loose balls.

Other, more general bugs have also been removed.