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FIFA 18: The Journey 2 – Does Alex Hunter get a girlfriend?

EA Sports have announced The Journey 2 will feature in FIFA 18, and one scene from the new game suggests Alex Hunter might find romance this season.

FIFA 17’s Alex Hunter started out life as a fairly quiet, reserved character.

However, as he grew into himself, and as players chose the path he went down in The Journey during last season’s game, he started to become much more confident.

But during last season’s game mode, alongside the fame, the new found wealth and the England call-up there was one major thing missing from Hunter’s life – a partner.

While some speculated that Hunter may have met a lady on a promotional photoshoot during the course of his season, players were never given the chance to potentially wine and dine, swipe left or right and find the special one (not you, Jose Mourinho).


However, that may change in The Journey 2, FIFA 18’s latest game mode. 

Dream Team went along to EA Sports’ FIFA 18 preview event in late May, and during a presentation on the new game, we were given a sneak peek at what The Journey 2 may entail.

One such thing was a slide showing a lady, roughly looking a similar age to Alex Hunter himself.

Is she the one?

Is she the one?

EA’s E3 event showed off the Journey 2 trailer, with this as one of the scenes

EA’s E3 event showed off the Journey 2 trailer, with this as one of the scenes

The EA Sports team were understandably very coy about giving anything away, and simply said: ‘The new game will have more characters, and more people you can interact with.’

Mysterious, but it could certainly be hinting at something. Watch this space.

Everything we know about The Journey 2 so far

You’ll still be playing as Alex Hunter

The Journey 2 will still follow the life and career of Alex Hunter, and no, you won’t be able to be anyone else.

Unfortunately for those hoping to put themselves in the game, or play with a player of their choice, you still have to be Alex Hunter.

The storyline decisions are much broader

Last season’s game mode saw the storyline quite narrow, with limited decision making.

It was the first time EA Sports had entered in a story mode like this, so we can forgive them, but this time round the storyline is much, much broader, and the decisions you make will make a much greater difference.

Whereas most of us ended up winning the FA Cup with our Hunters in FIFA 17, it’ll be interesting to see where our character can end up once we’ve taken different decisions from our mates.


The gameplay and mechanics are virtually the same

We haven’t had a chance to play the whole thing, far from it, but it looks as if though they’ve maintained the things we enjoyed most from The Journey.

So decisions of fiery, cool or moderate stay, you’ll have to earn ratings in training and matches to excel, and scenes will happen sporadically through the story.

You can modify your Alex Hunter to have blonde hair and tattoos

…And the rest. You’ll be able to change the look of your Alex Hunter to have a vast array of different hairstyles, tattoos, tracksuits and so on.

There is apparently ‘hundreds’ of options to choose from, which will be an exciting change.

Read more about the changes you’ll be able to make to your character here.

Will you be able to start where you left off in FIFA 17?

That’s one thing we’ve not been told as yet, but it looks likely that you’ll have to start afresh with your new Hunter in this game.

Presumably the thinking behind this (if it were the case) will be that because everyone ended their Hunter in a slightly different way but broadly on a similar path (winning the FA Cup, getting a 75 FUT card etc.), it would make more sense to just wipe the slate clean.

Slightly annoying for those who became fond of their Hunter, but probably it’s all for the best.


Cristiano Ronaldo features in it, and quite heavily

CR7 seems like the real star of FIFA 18, given what we’ve seen of the game so far.

It’s no different in The Journey 2, and we’ve seen images and clips of Cristiano appearing in a scene alongside Hunter.

Speaking of which…

Alex Hunter gets offered a move to Real Madrid?

Whether or not this is as a result of a few decisions and good performances going right for your character, but we’ve witnessed a scene in which Hunter’s agent storms into his kitchen/dining room/lounge (that hasn’t changed) and offers him a move to Los Blancos.

That’s all we’ll say about it here, you can read all about the scenes we’ve played here.

You can play local multiplayer in your game

This is a lovely little addition – you’ll now be able to play The Journey alongside your friends.

When you’re met with the start game screen, you can play local multiplayer mode, meaning you can blame your friend sat next to you for not slipping in Hunter to secure a goal an a much-needed 7.0 rating.

That’s pretty much what we’ve seen so far of The Journey 2 – we’ll post more as it comes.