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Dream Team 2021/22 is closing down soon – have you checked your final rank?

Listen up, gaffers!

Dream Team 2021/22 is about to go offline, possibly in the next 24 hours, so it’s imperative you leave no stone unturned.

Once this season’s version of the game is put to bed, all the information and stats won’t be readily available so if there’s anything you want to retain then we suggest you make a note (or screenshot) of it while you still can.

How every mini-league winner feels this summer

How every mini-league winner feels this summer

Dream Team 2021/22 closing checklist:

  • Have you checked your final points total?

We know that many Dream Team bosses are loyalists who have played the game for years – some of you may even remember the days when you had to enter your team over the phone.

Some experienced managers like to keep track of their final scores so they can place each season in the wider context of their Dream Team career.

Scoring completed with the slender returns provided by Liverpool assets in the Champions League final so make sure you know your final total.

  • Have you checked your mini-league results?

The majority of gaffers like to compete directly with their mates/colleagues/family members/mortal enemies with plenty also staking a friendly wager on the outcome of their mini-league.

Chasing up debtors can be a tough gig at the best of times but it will be even more difficult if you haven’t got evidence of the final standings.

If you finished top of your mini-league and are owed some beer money then now is a great time to take a screenshot just in case your stingy mate tries to play dumb.

Or you may just want to keep a record of your victory for bragging rights.

Imagine a Dream Team with TWO Mohamed Salahs…

Imagine a Dream Team with TWO Mohamed Salahs…
  • Have you checked your final rank?

While mini-leagues are often the focus, it’s worth remembering that you also compete against hundreds of thousands of other gaffers when you sign-up for Dream Team.

2021/22 featured over 500,000 teams and you can check exactly where you ranked on the overall leaderboard with a few easy clicks.

For those who don’t know how to do this: from the Team Hub, click on the Leaderboard tab and then select the ‘My Teams’ button – you will then be able to see the your overall rank.

  • Have you checked the Stats Centre?

Finally, you may want to keep a record of which players performed best this season.

When crafting your XI ahead of 2022/23, it may be helpful to refer to the top ten assets in each position from the previous campaign.

If that seems like too much effort for you, don’t worry, we’ll be on hand to provide a loads of tips, tricks, stats and facts ahead of the new term.

Thanks for another cracking season, gaffers – we go again after the usual summer hiatus!