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9 different types of football to get you through the long summer months

With the bleak, long, football summer in full flow, all is not lost - try these football alternatives to help you through this barren period

The footballing summers without a major international tournament can be a bleak and barren time.

But all is not lost – there’s still a bucketload of different footballing activities that you could try out to while away the time until August comes around.

We’ve listed a few options below, and rated them according to how close to football they are, how enjoyable it is, and how easy they are to get into.

Let’s go…

1 FootGolf

It really is what it says on the tin – football and golf mixed together.

As you can see in the video above, you kick a regular size five football into tailor made big holes on a normal golf course.

Closeness to football – 7/10

Fun factor – 9/10

Accessibility – 5/10 (There’s a few course around the UK, and you can check them out here.)

2 Beach Soccer

Eric Cantona, one of the kings of beach soccer

AP:Associated Press
Eric Cantona, one of the kings of beach soccer

Undoubtedly the daddy of beach games, when done properly beach soccer is an absolute must… if you live near a beach.

But if you don’t have sand near you, you’re struggling.

Closeness to football – 9/10

Fun factor – 8/10

Accessibility – 4/10

3 Bossaball

The craziest of all sports, Bossaball is a hybrid of football, volleyball and trampolining.

It really is as nuts as it sounds, as the above video will prove. Good luck trying to find a local court for it, though.

Closeness to football – 2/10

Fun factor – 8/10

Accessibility – 1/10

4 Real life Rocket League/Bumper Car football

It’s far from football, but the premise is there – go down to your local funfair, get on the dodgems, set up a couple of goals and get a Swiss ball.

Job’s a good’un, and take it from us, who have played it first hand, it is properly fun.

Closeness to football – 2/10

Fun factor – 10/10

Accessibility – 2/10

5 Sepak Takraw

We don’t even know how to describe this, but it looks like absolute carnage.

Sort of badminton but you’ve got to volley the ball over, how this is even a thing is baffling, but brilliant.

Closeness to football – 1/10

Fun factor – 7/10

Accessibility – 3/10

6 Bubble football


A staple of stag dos up and down the country, bubble football is a bit hit and miss – you can either have a decent time bouncing around on a five-a-side pitch, or you get whiplash.

Closeness to football – 6/10

Fun factor – 5/10

Accessibility – 6/10

7 Paintball football

Another one from the weird and wonderful minds of Dream Team, paintball football was something we also tried.

It hurt, a lot. It’s not for the fainthearted, and it wasn’t even that fun either.

Closeness to football – 4/10

Fun factor – 2/10

Accessibility – 1/10

8 Lionel Messi Footbubbles

Perhaps one of the world’s greatest player’s most unusual business venture, this neat invention gives you the chance to do keepy-uppys… with bubbles.

OK, we’ll admit it, they are no substitute for football… but they might give you five minutes of enjoyment.

Closeness to football – 3/10

Fun factor – 4/10

Accessibility – 6/10

9 Staying at home and playing FIFA 17


Sure, it’s always going to be a solid choice any time of year – but come on, it’s summer.

Closeness to football – 7/10

Fun factor – 9/10

Accessibility – 8/10

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