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The 9 most incredible football stadiums in the world today

Heated seats, a retractable pitch and VR headsets.

These are just a few of the features Tottenham fans can expect from their new stadium.

The £750million project is scheduled for completion by 2019.

And while it won’t be as big as Wembley or Twickenham, it’s already being billed as the most technologically advanced stadium in the world.

But it already has some serious competition. 

There are already a handful of arenas with technology that rivals the North London club’s new home.

Let’s take a look.

Timsah Arena, Turkey 

Bursaspor have a new 45,000-seater ground… but one thing’s still missing.

A giant green crocodile, with eyes and teeth that light up on match days, is on the way.

Sign us up!

It comes from the club’s nickname ‘Yeşil Timsahlar’, which means ‘Green Crocodiles’

It’s expected to be finished this year.


Vodafone Arena, Turkey 

This 42,000 seat monster is home to Turkish football giants Besiktas.

And it’s a beauty.

Several seats, located in a ‘smart lounge’ area come with their own mini TV screens build into the headrests.

That way, fans can watch replays of any of the action they missed, if they were distracted by the caviar sandwiches.


Allianz Arena, Germany 

By far the cleverest feature of this German area is its luminous exterior – which is made of foil.

These air panels are kept inflated and appear white from far away. Each panel can be lit white, red or blue.

Before each game they are lit with the colours of the respective home team – red for Bayern Munich, blue for TSV and white for the German national team.


Wembley Stadium, England

Just like it’s predecessor, new Wembley is largest football stadium in England.

The stadium partnered with mobile giant EE to create the world’s ‘most connected stadium’. As a result, there’s WIFI and an app that helps people find their seats.

There’s a partially retractable roof, not to mention a 134-metre arch that can change colour.

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The latter, in fact, is much more than just eye candy. It supports the weight of the north roof and 60 per cent of the weight on the southern side. In other words, it removes the need for pillars within the stadium that would potentially obstruct fans’ view.

This is supported by a ‘bowl’ seating design – rather than four separate stands. It helps improve acoustics, too.

If you’re bored, there’s even a Wembley Stadium tour – which features an augmented reality handset that ‘rewinds’ time when you visit certain areas. Head to the Press Room, and you’ll be treated to a clip of a real press  conference – all using a 360 degree camera.


Sporting Park, U.S. 

Sporting Park’s tech has long been turning heads in Major League Soccer, and it’s not hard to see why.

The $200m arena, which is home to Sporting Kansas City, has been built with smartphone users in mind.

As a result, no matter how busy it gets, you’ll get great internet and phone reception.

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By far the most popular feature is the app that lets fans stream live videos of the on-pitch action to watch it from several different angles.

It’s probably the only football stadium where you won’t want to put your phone away.

The death of football? Yes. Impressive stadium? Also yes.


Sapporo Dome, Japan

This smart pitch houses both the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters baseball team and football club Consadole Sapporo.

Thankfully, it can switch between two different surfaces easily.

Baseball games are played on an artificial turf, while grass can slot in should when a football game takes place.


National Stadium, China 

This 80,000 seat arena uses steel beams to hide supports for the retractable roof – making the whole thing look like a bird’s nest. Leading Chinese artist Ai Weiwei was the artistic consultant on the project.

Some of the most clever technology operates behind the scenes.

For one, there’s a rainwater collector near the stadium, which purifies the water before it’s used to feed the grass.

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There are pipes placed under the playing surface to warm the stadium when it’s cold, and cool it when it’s hot.

Sadly, the arena is so big it’s often never full to capacity, so a shopping mall and hotel are planned to encourage footfall.


National Stadium, Taiwan

This is the first stadium in the world to be powered nearly entirely by solar technology.

The stunning dragon-like design houses panels on the external face of the area, which capture the light.

It also features the world’s largest retractable dome and configurable seating on the lowest tier.

This makes it the only stadium in the world custom-designed to host football, rugby, cricket and athletics events.


Soccer City, South Africa

Not particularly hi-tech, but the largest stadium on the African continent has one incredible trick.

At night, a ring of lights running round the bottom light up to simulate a fire under this giant football ‘pot’.

Who needs VR googles, eh?