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Arsene Wenger did France’s Olympic 4x100m team-talk… they came fourth

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Some things just write themselves, and some things are just good to remember.

Like the time Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger revealed he helped France’s 4 x 100 metre relay team by giving them their team-talk prior to the 2012 Olympics in London.

The Frenchman momentarily stepped away from the football pitch for athletics by providing advice and tips on how to become a successful team.

Addressing the men’s and women’s relay teams, Wenger has revealed how best to transition from an individual sport to a team environment seamlessly.

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He told Arsenal Magazine last year: “During the Olympics, they asked me to come and speak to their 4 x 100-metre relay teams – both the men and the women.

“They are not naturally used to team sport, it’s more individual. I spoke to them about how to work together, how to share a target.

“If you look at nature, the animals that hunt for survival understand instinctively that together they have more chance to hunt and be successful.

“So it’s part of nature and survival to understand that together we are stronger than individuals.

“There are very few animals that hunt isolated for survival. Most of them hunt in groups. It’s very important to get an instinctive understanding of how you can be efficient together.”

But here’s the real kicker.

In an incredible turn of events in which life imitated internet memes, the Arsene Wenger-inspired men’s relay team finished fourth.

On the day the team, containing the likes of Christophe Lemaitre and Ronald Pognon, came through in fourth but were later awarded bronze after United States sprinter Tyson Gay was suspended for drug use.