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Nike accused of ‘copying and pasting’ designs as new Man City kit is released

We don’t know if you heard but Man City have a new manager for next season.

He was unveiled to much fanfare yesterday, when the biggest talking point was him forgetting to slag off Jose Mourinho.

To coincide with all the newness, City also launched their new kit.

And the press release we received about described it as “befitting Guardiola’s renowned attention to detail”, apparently because it has the word ‘City’ embroidered on the back of the collar.

Do us a favour.

And we’re not the only ones greeting the release with a degree of scepticism.

The general public have accused Nike of trotting out just another identikit, a copycat of all their international Euro releases with nothing but a minor colour tweak to set them apart.

Here it is in all its glory.



Meanwhile, here’s the latest France kit.




It doesn’t take a cynical conspiracy theorist to come to the conclusion that this is a pretty sweet deal for Nike.

Recycle one design multiple times, charge punters £50 a pop for the ‘new’ strip, Bob’s your uncle.

But the people are onto them.

And they’re not impressed.



A cushty number indeed.

Sign us up.

VIDEO: N’Golo Kante has worn the new Man City France kit rather well at the Euros