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There is a *very* credible conspiracy theory about Zlatan and Man United

We all know why Man United signed Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Because of the goals, yeah?

Well if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

Wake up sheeple.

This picture clearly shows Zlatan wearing a pair of Adidas trainers at his United unveiling last week.


The last time we saw Zlatan he was wearing Nike.


Adidas currently pay Man United £75million a year to be the club’s kit sponsor.

So have they demanded United sign their big new superstar?

There is little chance that Zlatan would wear Adidas trainers if he was still on a Nike retainer.

We know thee is beef between the two sportswear giants.

So it stands to reason that if they *did* want to rub Nike’s noses in it then they would pass him off to one of their two blue riband clubs.

The other, of course, is Real Madrid – who former Barcelona idol Zlatan would never join.




And it’s certainly not the ~strangest~ conspiracy theory on the internet.

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