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Rafael van der Vaart wasn’t allowed to wear red shoes while at Real Betis

Contract clauses come in many different shapes and sizes.

For example Jurgen Klinsmann had it written into his contract that he wasn’t allowed to be dropped while playing for Spurs.



But the clause written into former Spurs hero Rafael van der Vaart’s Real Betis contract is something we’ve never seen before.

Betis have a passionate rivalry with fellow Andalusians Sevilla.


It was therefore written into Van der Vaart’s contract that he wasn’t allowed to wear red shoes.

The midfielder, who now plays for FC Midtylland, was banned from wearing the colours of Betis’ arch-rivals on his feet, according to Football Leaks.

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In sticking to the agreement Van der Vaart was reportedly rewarded with 14 monthly payments of €114,429.

Not bad work if you can get it!

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