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France and Croatia are both copying Gareth Southgate’s set-piece tactics in the World Cup final

England might have gone home but their legacy is living on in the final

Didier Deschamps knows something good when he sees it.

And it’s fair to say Gareth Southgate’s tactics were brilliant throughout the World Cup.

So good in fact, that Deschamps has taken one strategy and deployed it in the biggest game in world football.

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Tactical master

Getty - Contributor
Tactical master

Did it pay off? 

Of course it did, it’s Southgate’s tactics.

As you will remember from the glory days before last Wednesday, England were the set-piece masters of the World Cup.

And there was one tactic in particular that bamboozled everyone – the ‘Love Train’ the England players formed at corners.

Well, lo and behold while France were waiting for Antoine Griezmann to deliver a corner from the right, their big men lined up exactly like England had for their extremely effective set pieces.

Samuel Umtiti, Olivier Giroud and Raphael Varane all stood in a line near the edge of the box and as soon as the ball was delivered, they split and ran in different directions.

It certainly looked very similar to the secret weapon Southgate unleashed in Russia.

Have England really become trendsetters in world football? 

Love Train v Love Train

Rex Features
Love Train v Love Train

Well check out this photo of the Croatian players lining up for a corner and you can see that everyone is at it.

Brazil developed the idea of wing-backs and Spain created tiki-taka but England, thanks to Southgate, are now responsible for the ‘Love Train’.

Football might be a long way from home, but at least we finally have a presence in the World Cup final.

Give us that at least.