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No-one knows why Ricardo Quaresma has two teardrop tattoos on his face

Portugal's Ricardo Quaresma stepped out for his country's match against Spain with two teardrop tattoos on his face, and no-one knows why.

The tear tattoo is usually reserved for someone who has been in prison, killed a man or lost someone close to them.

But after Portugal’s Ricardo Quaresma stepped out in his country’s first World Cup 2018 fixture against Spain, a lot of people were confused at his latest additions.

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ricardo quaresma tattoo face teardrops


Two teardrop tattoos adorned the Besiktas winger’s face, and it confused virtually everyone.

So to try and sort it all out, we threw the question out on Twitter ourselves…

But it was all to no avail, predictably…

Literally no-one could decipher it.


Well, after all the excitement during the summer, one Portuguese newspaper thought they’d solved the mystery.

According to Corrieo da Manha, it all came from an argument between the Besiktas star and his brother Alfredo about some restaurants in Lisbon.

But the Euro 2016 winner took to Instagram to deny those rumours.

A translation read…

“Regarding a report published today, 26 November, in the supplement Vidas of the newspaper Correio da Manhã, I would like to clarify the following.

“Never at any time did my brother Alfredo have access to the financial management of the restaurant that I owned in Bairro Alto, and contrary to what was published in the news, my brother never misappropriated a cent of the business Restaurant or others that I may have.

“The affection and respect I have for my brother in particular and for my family in general, was, is, and will always be the same.

“The published news was built on the basis of an easily proven lie, which makes the whole story only serve to sell newspapers and sadden me and mine, once again see our privacy exposed in the public square.

“In journalism as in football, the goals are not marked with “near sources” and it is face to face with the goalkeeper that decides the game.

“As I said before all families have good and less good times and it is within families that everything is solved without anyone who is out there feeling the need to come and put firewood on the fire.

“I appeal once again to respect and privacy of my family and thank you for the support you have so often shown me.”

So the plot thickens...


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