Everything you need to know about the players you're about to put your faith in.
Player Position Team VFM Value Points
StatisticsSzczesny, Wojciech GK ARS 9.56 4.5m 43
StatisticsOspina, David GK ARS 15.43 3.5m 54
StatisticsFoster, Ben GK WBA 27.60 2.5m 69
StatisticsGreen, Robert GK QPR 29.33 1.5m 44
StatisticsCech, Petr GK CHE 10.55 5.5m 58
StatisticsHeaton, Tom GK BUR 60.00 1.0m 60
StatisticsGuzan, Brad GK AVL 34.50 2.0m 69
StatisticsPantilimon, Costel GK SUN 23.20 2.5m 58
StatisticsMignolet, Simon GK LIV 27.56 4.5m 124
StatisticsVorm, Michel GK TOT 8.00 3.0m 24
StatisticsSchmeichel, Kasper GK LEI 14.00 1.0m 14
StatisticsCaballero, Willy GK MCY 1.14 3.5m 4
StatisticsMcGregor, Allan GK HUL 21.33 1.5m 32
Statisticsde Gea, David GK MUN 28.89 4.5m 130
StatisticsForster, Fraser GK SOT 38.67 3.0m 116
StatisticsCourtois, Thibaut GK CHE 20.36 5.5m 112
StatisticsHoward, Tim GK EVE 14.00 4.0m 56
StatisticsSperoni, Julian GK CRY 28.00 1.5m 42
StatisticsMannone, Vito GK SUN 6.40 2.5m 16
StatisticsHart, Joe GK MCY 15.67 6.0m 94
StatisticsKrul, Tim GK NEW 15.33 3.0m 46
StatisticsFabianski, Lukasz GK SWA 25.60 2.5m 64
StatisticsBegovic, Asmir GK STO 12.00 3.5m 42
StatisticsLloris, Hugo GK TOT 25.56 4.5m 115
StatisticsAdrian GK WHM 34.00 2.0m 68
StatisticsBoruc, Artur GK SOT 0.00 3.0m 0

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