These answers are designed to help you with your query. There should be no discrepancies between these answers and the Terms and Conditions of the Game, but in all cases the Terms and Conditions take precedence.

I haven't received my Saved Team email

If you saved a team prior to August 1, you will have been sent an email. Providing you have entered a valid email address an email containing a link to your saved team has been sent. Please check your junk and spam folders. Unfortunately we are unable to re-send your saved team email. You should also receive an email after August 1 prompting you to register your saved team or alternatively you can save your team again, please add sfdt@communicatenow.co.uk to your contacts list to ensure receipt of your saved team next time.

Playing the game

How do I play?

1. Select to play with a free team.
2. Should you want to pick more teams, you can either sign up through Sun+ (two teams for £1), purchase a Gold (two teams for £10) or Platinum (six teams for £25) Premium package.  Plus, this season, your Free team gets upgraded to a Premium team on purchase of one of these packages.
3. Select your formation and 11 players within a maximum budget of £50m and enter a team name.
4. Register your details and you’re in the game.

Need more help? Take a look at our How to Play guide for full details.

I’m under 18. Can I play?

No. Unfortunately Dream Team is not available to entrants who are under the age of 18.

I live overseas. Can I play?

No. Dream Team is only available to residents of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. If you win a prize then you may be asked for proof of your address.

Where can I play Dream Team?

1. www.dreamteamfc.com
2. Our mobile website(same url)
3. iPhone app
4. Android app
5. All of the above 

All platforms are free to access (apart from any network costs) and you will be able to access and manage your teams on all platforms regardless of which one you used to register.

Can I play for free?

Yes. Every entrant is allowed one free team and transfers with nothing to pay at any stage of the game.

Free entry closes at the scheduled kick-off of the first English Premier League match on Saturday August 17. Free teams compete for a prize pool of £80,000 throughout the season.

Can I have more than one free team?

No. Only one free team is allowed per entrant. Don’t try anything clever because we’ve got terminator style machines that will find out if you’ve got more than one team and it may lead to your initial free team being void or terminated, even.

I don’t know anything about football. Can I still play?

Yes. Some of the greatest wins in history have happened by accident so feel free to have a stab at picking a team, and if you’re getting nowhere you’ve always got our Auto Select button on the Team Select page to fill in the gaps.


I’ve played before. Do I need to re-register?

Yes, and before you start to panic, it’s very quick and easy.

This season we’re asking all Dream Team players to register their details again. There’s no cause for concern though, it’s very simple and we’re not asking for any additional information.


What is Sun+?

Sun+ is a bundle of digital entertainment brought to you by The Sun. It contains: - Exclusive access to The Sun's digital content - thesun.co.uk and The Sun’s Classic, Tablet and Mobile Apps - The first place to see every Barclays Premier League goal on the go with the new Sun+ Goals App on mobile and tablet - Sun+ Perks - our collection of perks, offers, downloads and competitions, giving you better times for less with family and friends.

What is the Sun+ Goals App?

The new Sun+ Goals App on mobile and tablet is the first place to see every Barclays Premier League goal on the go. You can download it for free from August 1 on the Apple and Google Play store and login with your Sun+ details.

I have already joined Dream Team, can I upgrade to Sun+?        

No. Unfortunately, you can't upgrade to Sun+ from Dream Team. It’s easy to sign up to Sun+ though, just head over to Sun+ from August 1 and complete the additional information there.

AND it’s worth it – should you choose to sign up, you will receive a £10 Dream Team Gold pack, plus the chance to see every Premier League goal first with our Sun+ Goals App.

If I cancel my Sun+ membership will I lose my Dream Teams?           

No and yes. You will not lose your teams if you cancel your Sun+ membership, but unless you have held your Sun+ membership for at least two months at full price (£8.67 a month), the teams claimed as part of your membership will not be eligible to win any prizes.

Account details

I have lost my log in details. What can I do?

Please click on the Lost Password link below the login box on the homepage and follow the simple instructions. If you have lost your Mini League PIN and password, please contact the Chairman of your Mini League. You will only need the PIN and password for your Mini League at the time you join. If you still need help, please click here  to contact us by email.

Can I change my personal details?

Yes. When logged in via our website, click on the Account Details button and you will be able to make changes to your personal details.

Please ensure your details are always up to date because we're going to need them when you win your prize money.

Can I change my team name?

No. Sorry, team names are final.


How can I pay for Premium Packages?

Payments can only be made via the website, using a valid debit or credit card or a PayPal account.
You can use most major debit and credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Switch and Delta. You will need the 3 digit security code printed on the back of your card to complete the transaction.

How can I be sure my payment transaction is safe?

Our secure server software encrypts all your personal details including your card number. This process takes the characters you enter and converts them into bits of code that are then securely transmitted over the Internet. Your card details are not stored on our system.

I have a payment query. What do I do?

If you have a payment query please click here to contact us by email.

How do I use a promotional code?

If you have a promotional code to use then you’ve obviously done something right or we’ve done something wrong, congratulations/sorry.

To redeem it, select your preferred Premium Package and then at the payment page carefully enter your promotional code in the box provided. This will deduct the value of your code and show an amended value for payment.


Why don’t you award points for assists?

We’ve discussed and researched this a lot and have come to the conclusion that scoring points for assists can be very misleading and a potential cause of debate – it’s all great when David Silva plays a ridiculous through ball for Sergio Aguero but for every time that happens there’s three examples of Dzeko miss-controlling it into the path for Yaya to score.

With this in mind, we try and reflect assists that deserve reward in our player ratings (+3 points for a 7/10 or higher) and Star Man awards (+5 points). It doesn’t always work but no fantasy football scoring system is perfect.

When will my team start scoring?

If you’re organised and got your team in before the first Premier League kick-off on Saturday August 17, you will start scoring from the very first round of matches.

From that day forth there will be a daily deadline (kick-off of the first eligible match that day) throughout the season. If you miss deadline on the day of entry then you will start scoring from the next day’s first eligible match.

How do I score points in the game?

Points, positive and negative are awarded to players as follows:

All Players

Each Goal Scored (excluding own goals) +5 points
Hat trick (3 or more goals) +5 points
Yellow Card - 1 point
Red Card Eligible Player Scores: - 3 points


Penalty Save or Miss Eligible Player Scores: +3 points

Defenders and Goalkeepers

Clean Sheet (no goals conceded) +5 points
2 Goals Conceded -1 point
Each Goal Conceded Over two goals -1 point


Clean Sheet (no goals conceded) +2 points

Penalty Takers

Penalty Save or Miss (NEW) - 3 points
Player Rating of 7 or more (See Sunsport in The Sun) +3 points
Star Man (See Sunsport in The Sun) +5 points 

How are Player Ratings Points and Star Man decided?

Player ratings and Star Men are decided by The Sun reporter assigned to the match.

After every game the reporter rates every player a mark out of 10 for their performance.
The best performer in the match as judged by them is awarded the Star Man award.

Player Ratings are then published in The Sun and on-line on the Dream Team website and you are free to debate and argue over which ones you think we’ve got horribly wrong and occasionally which ones we’ve got right.

The rating is decided based on the following criteria:

Involvement in the Game
If during the overall course of a game a player does not make a positive contribution to his team, then he should not normally get a rating greater than 6.

Inspirational Play
A positive effect on other team members merits a higher rating. Because Dream Team points are allocated for specific events - goals, cautions, clean sheets etc. - there is no need to take these into account in the player rating, unless they stem from the specific positional consideration given below. By way of example, a striker might score two goals in a single game and gets ten Dream Team points for doing so. However both goals could have been complete flukes and, those aside, the striker had no other material involvement in the game. In this case he would not merit a rating of seven or more.

Ratings for goalkeepers additionally take the following specific positional criteria into consideration: •Command of the box and set-piece control •Confidence and concentration •Aerial effect •Shot stopping •Minimising the goal as a target •Building offence from defence

Ratings for defenders additionally take the following specific positional criteria into consideration: •Protection given to the goal •Confidence •Clearing the ball from the danger area •Set-piece performance •Aerial ability •Tackles made and possession won •Building offence from defence

Ratings for midfielders additionally take the following specific positional criteria into consideration: •Defensive contribution •Winning and retaining possession •Offence building and creation of goal-scoring opportunities •Work-rate and work off the ball •Attacking power •Goal attempts

Ratings for strikers additionally take the following specific positional criteria into consideration: •Work-rate and work off the ball •Offence creation •Positional awareness •Creation of goal scoring opportunities •Achieving one-on-one situations •Attacking power •Goal attempts

All criteria have both positive and negative elements and the final rating awarded by a reporter is a combination of these. The Star Man award goes to the player deemed to have made the greatest contribution to the performance of the team.

Who decides who scored a disputed goal?

Goalscorers are decided between the reporter covering the game and the official feeds we get.

The important part is that goalscorers will not be changed once the points have been awarded (unless it happens within 24 hours of the match) regardless of any change subsequently made by the Dubious Goals Panel.

How can I keep track of my scores?

1. www.dreamteamfc.com
2. Our mobile website
3. iPhone app
4. Android app
5. All of the above

Points are usually updated within a few hours of an eligible match finishing.

This season you can also track your in-play points in our Live Match Centre. While useful, exciting and in our opinion, very jazzy, the points viewable in the Live Match Centre aren’t set in stone though and don’t include Player Ratings and Star Man awards.

I registered after the first KO. Will I receive points for that day's games?

No. Teams registered after the first eligible match will not score until the first match of the next day. The Live Match Centre may show your player scores updating, but this is only an illustration of how they are performing on the day.

I have a points query. How do I resolve it?

Make sure that the update has been fully completed and you’ve double checked the scoring section of the statistics area of the website before you get on to us though.

Please click here to contact us by email.



What is Dream Team Predictor?

Dream Team Predictor is our side game; consider it as the little brother, the fourth official, the garlic bread to the beef lasagne that is the main fantasy football game.

Basically for 20 weekends, spread neatly throughout the season in five lots of four-week blocks, we will select four matches over the weekend and you have to predict the final scores.

Correctly predict the full-time score of all four matches in a weekend and you win £6,000 (or share it with the other winners).

If there’s no outright winner in a weekend, the best performer takes home £1,000 and the rest of the prize money rolls over to the next week. Unlike last season, where the rollover was indefinite, this season it can only roll over to the end of the four-week block (max £21,000 to win).

There is a prize pool of £120,000 up for grabs and a £5,000 prize for the King of the Predictors at the end of the Predictor season. Runners up prizes of Predictor tokens are also on offer every game week.

To play, or find out more, go to the Predictor area of the game Website, Mobile Website or Apps.

NB: Performance in Predictor does not affect your performance in Dream Team.

When can I play Dream Team Predictor?

Predictor is played in five game periods which means if there is a rollover (see the prizes section on the Predictor pages for full details) the prize will continue to grow until it is won or the period ends. You can play on the following weekends:

Game Period 1: 14/15 Sept, 21/22 Sept, 28/29 Sept and 5/6 October 2013
Game Period 2: 19/20 Oct, 26/27 Oct, 2/3 Nov and 9/10 November 2013
Game Period 3: 23/24 Nov, 30 Nov/1 Dec, 7/8 Dec and 14/15 December 2013
Game Period 4: 4/5 Jan 2014, 11/12 Jan, 18/19 Jan and 25/26 January 2014
Game Period 5: 1/2 Feb, 8/9 Feb, 15/16 Feb and 22/23 February 2014

For each of the 20 weeks the game will open at 9am on the Tuesday before each game weekend and close at the scheduled kick-off of the earliest of the four weekend Predictor fixtures.

Can I play for free?

Yes. Every week, you’ll be credited with one free entry into Predictor but if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. There are 20 Predictor weeks and there’s £6,000 up for grabs every week.

If you’re a Premium Dream Team player (i.e. you splashed out on a Gold or Platinum package), you can also use the Predictor tokens that you got with your Premium package to go for the big weekly prizes. If you didn’t buy a Premium package, first of all why not and secondly, it’s not too late to increase your Predictor chances. Simply click on BUY TOKENS and purchase a Predictor In Play package for a fiver. We’ll give you 20 Predictor tokens and a free entry into Road to Rio (coming soon) for good measure, that is if you do not already have one. 

What is the ‘King of the Predictors’?

The King of the Predictor is 8/10ths a test of your predicting ability, and 2/10ths a test of your willingness to come back and play every week.

Correct (and partially correct) predictions, when using your free credit only, score you points and whoever has accumulated the most points over the course of the 20 week Predictor season wins (or shares) £5,000.

Here’s the full points breakdown:

3 points for each correct result with incorrect full-time score (i.e., getting W/D/L correct for the fixture) 
8 points for one correct full-time score out of the four predictions
18 points for two correct full-time scores out of the four predictions
30 points for three correct full-time scores out of the four predictions
55 points for all four correct full-time scores

Just in case that makes about as much sense as selling your best player to a rival, we’ve got some example scenarios for you:

1. Predict the full-time score for four games and get one totally correct (full-time score, bang on), two results correct (W/L/D) and one totally incorrect. That scores eight points for the totally correct score plus six points (2 x 3pts) for the correct results, making 14 in total.
2. Correctly predict three full-time scores and get the correct result (W/L/D) for the fourth prediction. It’s a good week! Score 30 points for three correct full-time scores and another three for one correct result, making 33.
3. Correctly predict two full-time scores but get the other two completely wrong - result and full time score. Score 18 points for two correct full-time scores and nothing for being wide of the mark on the other two. Total points - 18.


Can I change my team by making transfers?

Yep. Up until kick-off of the English Premier League season on Saturday August 17 you can change your players as often or as little as you want provided you stick to the team selection rules.

After that there are four Transfer Windows, where you can make up to three transfers in each – there are no carry overs between windows.

When are the Transfer Windows?

All transfer windows open at 9am on Tuesdays and close on Saturdays at kick-off of the first Eligible Match that day in the following four periods:

Transfer Window 1: September 3 – 14 2013.
Transfer Window 2: November 12 – 23 2013.
Transfer Window 3: January 21 – February 1 2014.
Transfer Window 4: March 18 – 29 2014. 

Transfers cannot be made at any other time.

How do I make changes to my line-up?

Once a transfer window opens you will be able to make changes to your team via the website, the Mobile Website, iPhone and Android Apps. Simply click on the transfer link, click on the players you wish to remove and then the players you wish to replace them with.

You must stay within the £50M budget and pick one of our fantastic formations (4-4-2, 4-3-3 or 4-5-1).

I made my transfers but they haven't started scoring?

Your new transfers won’t start scoring until the first eligible match after the window closes.

However, while you wait patiently for your new signings to join, the players you’re shifting out will continue to score until the window closes.

Can I change my team formation?

Yes. The world is your oyster, your team is your own, feel free to change your formation as much or as little as you want…but obviously only during transfer windows and only into the three permitted formations – 4-4-2, 4-5-1 or 4-3-3.

Can I reset my transfers?

Yes. This season, for the very first time you CAN reset your transfers during the window – we really have upped our technological game this year.

No more waiting until the very last minute again or telling porkies to our customer services agents about a mate “sabotaging” your team.

Will new players be added to the list?

Yes. We will always be looking to add new players, usually new signings but the odd existing player if he keeps popping up for his club.

These additions usually happen just before a Transfer Window opens, but we’re always open to suggestions @dreamteamfc

Why don’t you have every Premier League player in your list?

Good question. Basically there’s only so much space in a newspaper and we publish the player list and points in The Sun when we can (often Wednesdays and Saturdays) and there’s not enough space for every possible player.

AND there are over 500 possible players during a season and having them all makes your life more difficult. You’re welcome.

Feel free to suggest players to us at @dreamteamfc but remember it’s called ‘Dream Team’ so don’t start bombarding us with tweets if a 17 year old comes on once in a League Cup game for Hull. 


What are the monthly competitions?

There are eight monthly competitions for you to have a dart at (September to April inc).

Each month there is a prize pool of £10,000 to be won; with a top prize of £5,000 up for grabs for Premium managers (yes, sorry, you have to shell out to be in the running for the top prizes).

The monthly competitions give players a chance to win a battle or two, long after the war (end of season prizes) have been lost.

To help you pick teams designed for monthly success, we’ve added the ‘PREMIUM-IN-PLAY’ package (two teams for £5) available from August 25.

Scoring starts with the first eligible match at the start of every month and finishes with the month’s last eligible scoring game. Keep an eye out for our monthly preview pieces to help you select your specific monthly teams.

What prizes can I win?

There is a total prize pool of £500,000 up for grabs. Your Free team competes for a prize pool of £80,000 in the main game (plus £120,000 in Predictor) and Premium packages compete for the entire prize pool of £500,000.

Is there a limit to how many prizes I can win?

Yes. Free entrants are restricted to one Free end of season prize per entrant.  Premium entrants are restricted to a maximum of five prizes per entrant in the Premium prizes.

Plus Predictor prizes obviously, which have no restrictions on them… actually you could win all £120,000 and we wouldn’t be able do anything, maybe we should look into that.

Mini Leagues

Can I compete with family, friends and colleagues?

Yes, in fact we actively encourage it. You can set up a Mini League for free and you can invite whoever you want to join your Mini League.

What is a Celeb League?

Arguably the best thing to happen to fantasy football since unlimited transfers.

After you finish registration you will have the option to join one of four Celeb Mini Leagues. Take on Terry Venables, Ian Wright, Sun showbiz editor Gordon Smart or George Lineker (see Lineker FAQ for reason why). Pick wisely though, you can only join one and there’s £1,000 for the winner of each.

What is a Mini League?

Think of the Mini League as your own fourth place trophy. A league within a league.

Invite your family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, former lovers, literally anyone, and settle once and for all who is Jupp Heynckes, and who is that guy he beat in the final.

Also, if you set up a Mini league and have more than 10 individual entrants you will be automatically entered into our Chairman’s league with a chance to win £10,000 in cash prizes.

How do I create a Mini League?

You will be directed to a Mini League page straight after registration that will allow you to set up your own or join an existing one.

But if it takes some time before you get the Chairman itch, you simply need to click on the Mini League button in the Nav Bar and follow the instructions.

How do I invite others to join my Mini League?

Once you have created or joined a Mini League, you can invite family, friends and colleagues to join using the sharing tools and the Invite Mates button on the game website, Mobile site or iPhone/Android apps.

Alternatively you can tell them about it but however you choose to invite them, you will need to provide them with your league PIN and password that you will receive when creating a Mini League or from the creator of the Mini League.

Is there a limit on how many Mini Leagues I can create?

Yes.To save you the logistical nightmare of keeping track of too many leagues, you can only create or join up to ten Mini leagues combined per team. Our Celeb Leagues not included.

How do I join a Mini League that has been set up?

Now this is outrageously simple, if the Chairman knows his way around a Mini League he would have given you the PIN and password when he invited you. If not, make sure he does.

Once you’ve got that, it’s four easy steps:

1. Hit the Mini League button in the top navigation bar
2. Enter the league PIN
3. Enter the league password
4. Hit Join League 

Is there a limit to how many Mini Leagues you can be in?

Ten. To save you the logistical nightmare of keeping track of too many leagues, you’re only able to join ten Mini Leagues combined per team. You’re welcome.

What prizes are there for Mini Leagues?

1. Bragging rights.
2. A feeling of self-worth that can only be achieved by cleaning up your mates at fantasy football.
3. Bragging rights. 

There are no official prizes for Mini Leagues (except for the Chairman’s League) but we highly recommend asking just about anyone to join: family, friends, colleagues, the milkman, your dentist, that girl you’ve been eyeing up for a while but didn’t have anything to talk to about until now.  All of them.

But just because we’re not shelling out anything for them, doesn’t mean you can’t. 

We’ve even added monthly, weekly (Saturday to Friday) and a completely new one – weekend leader boards, just in case waiting for the season payout doesn’t excite you sufficiently.

What is a Mini League Bulletin Board?

Think of it as a Facebook group for your Mini League.
This is your own, private message board that comes with every Mini League created in Dream Team. Posted messages can only be viewed by participants in your Mini League.

Can I delete a posted message?

No. Make that message count because when it’s there, it’s there for the season.
Bulletin Boards are private and are not monitored but if anyone in the Mini League feels that any posts overstep the mark or that posts are deemed to be offensive in nature they can report it via our help desk by clicking here.

What is the Chairman’s League?

The Chairman’s League is a brand new, and if we may say so ourselves, a very exciting feature.

Basically it’s a Mini League exclusively for Chairmen. If you create a Mini League and recruit at least 10 individual entrants then you will be automatically entered into the Chairman’s League and will compete for £10,000.

Why has George Lineker got a Celebrity League?

Ahh, good question. There's actually three parts to this answer:

1. It's step one to us getting an invite to the famous Lineker pool party.
2. He might be able to get us a good deal on drinks at Lineker's (ten locations throughout Europe).
3. He's excellent on twitter and a hilariously unlucky gambler.


Where has Captain gone?

Due to the mass confusion caused by Captain (on a level with Joe Kinnear’s appointment as Newcastle director of football), the captain selection has been removed from this season’s game. 

Without Captain, how do I get extra Predictor tokens?

To offset the removal of Captain as a route to getting extra Predictor tokens, every user will get one free entry a week to Predictor this season. 

If that’s still not enough for you, you can purchase extra tokens at the very competitive price of 20 tokens for £5. 

Premium packages

Can I purchase more teams?

Yes. There are four ways you can purchase more teams this season:

1. Take a Sun+ trial. Yours for £1, comes with two Premium teams (worth £10).
2. Gold Package of two Premium Teams for £10
3. Platinum Package of six Premium Teams for £25 or an
4. In-Play Package of two teams for £5 (available after August 25).

Premium teams will soon available to purchase on our mobile site but not via our iPhone or Android Apps.

Gold and Platinum packages compete for the entire prize pool of £500,000. This season, if you purchase one of the Gold or Platinum packages, we’ll automatically upgrade your free team to Premium as well.

Do I have to enter them all at the same time?

No. For the first time in Dream Team history you can buy teams and play later. Whenever you’re ready to enter your extra teams just slide on over to ‘Team Select’ and draw down your credit.

How many teams can I enter then?

60 a month. As great as our Premium packs are, and as much as we love them, everything in moderation. To ensure no one overdoes it, all users are restricted to purchasing and entering no more than 60 teams per calendar month. 

What Premium Packages are available this year?

We have four premium packages to pick from this season, all varying in price and quality. 

Here’s what’s on offer this season:


Available until kick-off of the first eligible match on Sunday August 25 – so after the start of the season if you missed free entry
Upgrade of your FREE entry to PREMIUM
Two further PREMIUM teams
Free transfers in all transfer windows for each team
One free entry per week for 20 weeks in Dream Team Predictor
25 Dream Team Predictor tokens for extra entries
One free entry into the World Cup Warm-Up Road to Rio game starting in March 2014


Available until kick-off of the first eligible match on Sunday August 25 – so after the start of the season if you missed free entry
Upgrade of your FREE entry to PREMIUM
Six further PREMIUM teams
Free transfers in all transfer windows for each team
One free entry per week for 20 weeks in Dream Team Predictor
50 Dream Team Predictor tokens for extra entries
One free entry into the World Cup Warm-Up Road to Rio game starting in March 2014


Available from the kick-off of the first eligible match on Sunday August 25 2013 to Tuesday April 1 2014
Two PREMIUM teams
Free transfers in all remaining transfer windows for each team
One free entry per week for all remaining game weeks in Dream Team Predictor
One free entry into the World Cup Warm-Up Road to Rio game starting in March 2014


Available from the kick-off of the first eligible match on Sunday August 25 2013 to Saturday February 22 2014
20 Predictor tokens
One free entry per week for all remaining game weeks in Dream Team Predictor
One free entry into the World Cup Warm-Up Road to Rio game starting in March 2014

NEW AND EXCITING THIS YEAR: If you buy package 1 or 2 by match day deadline on Saturday August 25 2013 we’ll also upgrade your free team to a Premium team, just because we can, which means that your free team will have access to the entire £500,000 prize pool. 

Road to Rio  

What is the World Cup Warm Up Road to Rio?

If you’re reading this at the start of the season don’t fret, all will be revealed in detail closer to the time.

If you’re reading this towards the end of the season, Road to Rio is a chance to pick an entirely new team for free (selecting only from players likely to be going to the 2014 World Cup) with the chance to win £15,000.

Every entrant into Dream Team will be entitled to one free entry into Road to Rio.

The game will be based on the rules of Dream Team and will start in March 2014.

I still need help!

Please click here to contact us by email. Our help desk team is available Monday to Sunday 8am-8pm. For urgent enquiries, you can contact a member of the team by calling 0844 245 8077. (calls cost 5p per minute at all times from a BT landline).

WE ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING CARDS Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Solo, Switch


Participants must be 18 or over

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