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Euro Dream Team FAQs

How to play

How can I play Euro Dream Team, what's new?

We have full details of the shiny new Euro 2016 game here.

Getting Started for Euro 2016

How many Euro Dream Team teams will I get when I register?

When you register for Euro 2016 you'll get 1 free team to play your way to glory. 
You can always upgrade to pay £2.99 a month and you'll get 1 additional team. 

Can I buy more Euro Dream Team teams?

Yes, login and select "Buy More Teams" when you view your team.

How can I score points in Euro Dream Team?

Euro Dream Team scores points in Euro 2016 matches from the tournaments very first match on June 10th 2016.
Scoring is just like the Premier League and European games earlier this season-
Star Man and 7+ Ratings: +5 points for Star Man and +3 points for a rating of seven or above out of ten will remain. However these will no longer be decided by the Sun’s Match Reporter and will instead by calculated by our stats based algorithms.
Assists have arrived: +2 points
Each goal scored (excluding own goals): +5 points
Hat-trick (3 or more goals): + 5 points
Yellow card: -1 point
Red Card: -3 points
Penalty Save or Miss: +3 points
Clean Sheet: +5 points
2 Goals Conceded: -1 point
Each Goal Conceded Over two goals: -1 point
Penalty Save or Miss: -3 points

How can I make Transfers in Euro Dream Team?

Between Euro Dream Team opening and 20:00 GMT on Friday 10th June 2016, you may make unlimited transfers to your team(s).
For each of the phases one, two and three, you may make up to three transfers to your team(s) per phase. Transfers can be made between the beginning of the current phase and the beginning of the following phase.
During phase four you may make up to eleven transfers to your team(s).
For details of phase dates, please see the Euro Dream Team Game Phases section.
Transfers will take effect from the first Eligible Game starting after you have made the transfer.


(Known issue) When I upgrade to Club Dream Team for Euro Dream Team, it won't accept my card details.

If you're using the Dream Team app on an Android smartphone or tablet, update on your desktop or via your mobile web browser, that should do it!


When I upgrade - will I still have to pay my subscription when Euro Dream team is over?

Yes, your subscription will continue and you will be ready to kick off the new season as soon as it opens. There will be a host of new features so keep an eye out. Pure Joy!


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Dream Team 15/16 FAQs

These answers are designed to help you with your query. There should be no discrepancies between these answers and the Terms and Conditions of the Game, but in all cases the Terms and Conditions take precedence.

How can I remove someone from my Mini League?

You need to be a Chairman to remove someone from your Mini League - Chairmen need to email us at with the Mini League pin and the name of the team they need to remove. If you're not the Chairman, please ask the Chairman to contact us.

How can I remove myself from a Mini League?

Just email us your Mini League pin and team name and we'll do this for you. Please state your email address if you're not emailing us from the email address you registered to play the game with.

Why did I see someone else's team when I logged in?

We had a technical issue that was showing the wrong team for certain people when they logged in to their account. Don’t worry though, this is now fixed and during this period, no-one could make transfers to your side or access any of your information.

Why am I having problems accessing Live Scoring?

We had a technical issue in our new Live Scoring over the weekend but we are working on this and in the meantime you can still use it on desktop.

Why could I not access Sun Goals over the weekend?

There was a technical issue over the weekend but it’s fixed now and as a Dream Team player you have complete access to Goals. All the weekend’s action is up there now. Check it out.

What are the changes with ratings about?

The ratings are now based on performance-based stats, not reporters at games, all the details for what contributes to the ratings are found on the website.

Why should I miss out on a transfer because the site was down?

Sorry the site was down for a little while this weekend. Don’t worry about missing out on transfers. You’ve got 1 emergency transfer and the transfer window is open September 1st.

Why couldn't I register my team just before the first kick off of the season?

Sorry the site was down for a little while. Don’t worry. You can still enter for free and to be honest; you don’t win anything in your opening game. Just ask Arsene.

Why do I keep seeing a high volume page?

Over the opening weekend we were experiencing a lot of people coming to the site/app which affected performance, but now shouldn’t be an issue. If you’re still having issues then try closing the site/app and trying again.

The menu bar is not loading?

We are aware of this issue and working to fix it. In the meantime try closing the site or app and reloading which should fix the issue.

Club Dream Team

What is Club Dream Team?

This year when you sign up to play Dream Team you’ll automatically be given two months access to Club Dream Team (or one month if you register after August 8), without having to enter your payment details. Club Dream Team gives you access to a whole host of benefits:

·         £1 million in prizes: Exclusive to Club Dream Team – 100 winners a week, 500 a month and 7,000 across the season.

·         Live Scores: No more waiting around impatiently for your points to come in for your team. Watch yourself rocket up your Mini League (or down in many cases).

·         Advanced Stats: All the tools you need to pick (and maintain) the perfect team.

·         Weekly Knockout Cup: In Game Week 11 if you enter Dream Team Weekly you’ll be entered into a 32 team knockout cup. At the end of five weeks the winner will win £50 and the loser £20.

·         Monthly Competition: Every month your season team will be entered into a monthly competition with £6,000 up for grabs; The top manager will scoop £2,000 and right down to 100th who will bag £25.

·         No ads: As it says on the tin.

What happens after my Club Dream Team trial ends?

Your Club Dream Team trial will automatically end after one or two months, you don’t need to cancel anything.

If you want to continue to play for free, then that’s not a problem and you don’t need to do anything. More importantly, you won’t be charged as you didn’t give us any payment details to play this season.

At any time during or after your trial ends you can upgrade to Club Dream Team for £2.99 per month. You’ll get another team when you upgrade to give you a shot at winning all those prizes.

Do I need to enter payment details to play this year?

Absolutely not. This year you will not need to enter your payment details to play Dream Team when signing up

What do I get if I’m not in Club Dream Team?

This year if you do not want to be part of Club Dream Team and play the game for free you will continue to have one team to enter into the Season and Weekly game, but you will lose all of your Club Dream Team benefits – like access to Sun Goals, and Live Scoring.

You can’t win any Weekly prize unless you have a Club Dream Team membership, trial or Sun+ membership at the point of entering your team each week. You also won’t be eligible to win the Season prizes if you are a Dream Team Basic Member and you haven’t at some point become a Club Dream Team member or an existing Sun+ member by 23:59:59 on 31 October 2015.

You can however continue to play in your Mini League and enjoy the rest of our wonderful game.

How much does Club Dream Team cost?

If you signed up for free, Club Dream Team will cost you £2.99 a month when you upgrade. When you upgrade you will be billed on the day of upgrade, and you will get an extra team to play with.

If you choose to purchase a £7.99 Club Dream Team pack, you will get six teams to play with and will be charged £7.99 every three months.

Who can purchase additional teams?

Only managers who have upgraded and pay for Club Dream Team are allowed to buy additional team packages. If you’re still on a trial or playing for free, then upgrade to Club Dream Team to purchase additional teams.

You’ll be able to purchase six additional teams for £7.99 (£3.99 after 00.01 on 16 August).

Playing the game

How do I sign up?

1.       Go to

2.       Select your team

3.       Register your details

4.       You’re in!

Can I register to play via the Dream Team app?

You can sign up via the new and improved Dream Team app this year on iOS and Android. Please note that you can’t purchase or upgrade to Club Dream Team using the iOS app – you will need to go to your mobile browser or desktop.

Need more help? Take a look at our How to Play guide for full details.

I’m under 18. Can I play?

No. Unfortunately Dream Team is not available to entrants who are under the age of 18.

I live overseas. Can I play?

No. Dream Team is only available to residents of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. If you win a prize then you will be asked for proof of your UK or ROI address before we pay you.

Where can I play Dream Team?

2. Our mobile website (
3. iPhone app
4. Android app
5. All of the above 

All platforms are free to access (barring any network costs) and you will be able to access and manage your teams on all platforms regardless of which one you used to register.

I don’t know anything about football. Can I play?

Yes. Dream Team is more than just football, it’s a way of life. Some of the greatest wins in history have happened by accident so feel free to have a stab at picking a team, and if you’re getting nowhere you’ve always got our Auto Select button on the Team Select page to plug in the gaps.


I’ve played before. Do I need to re-register?

Yes, and if you played last season’s game or our World Cup game then you can sign up with the same details.

Account details

I have lost my login details. What can I do?

If you've forgotten your password, click on this link and we'll email you a link to reset it. 

If you've forgotten your email address, please email with your Team name, Manager PIN (if you know it) and the name of a player in your team.

Can I change my personal details?

Yes, just to your My Account area. Please ensure your details are always up to date because we'll use them to contact you when you win your prize money.

Can I change my team name?

No, sorry. So consider the consequences of your actions. This is against game rules because it can confuse other players and mess up our leaderboards.


How can I pay for Club Dream Team and my additional team packages?

Payments can only be made via the website (or mobile site) or Android app, using a valid debit or credit card or a PayPal account

You can use most major debit and credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Switch and Delta. You will need the 3 digit security code printed on the back of your card to complete the transaction.

How can I be sure my payment transaction is safe?

Our secure server software encrypts all your personal details including your card number. This process takes the characters you enter and converts them into bits of code that are then securely transmitted over the Internet.

How much am I paying and when’s my next payment due?

You can find how much you are paying, when your payments started and when your next payment is due in the My Account area.

Where do I update my payment details?

Just go to the My Billing page in your My Account area – you can update your existing payment details or change your payment method.


Has anything changed this year?

Things change, people change and we’ve changed for the better. Here are the three most important changes to how we award points this year:

·         Stats based Ratings and Star Man: +5 points for Star Man and +3 points for a rating of seven or above out of ten will remain. However these will no longer be decided by the The Sun’s Match Reporter and will instead by calculated by stats based algorithms and powered by Opta match feeds.

·         Making their debut, assists have arrived: +2 points

·         No +2 point Clean Sheet bonus will be awarded to midfielders this season

When will my team start scoring?

If you’re organised and got your team in before the first Premier League kick-off on Saturday August 8, you will start scoring from the very first round of matches. Don’t worry if you can’t (we all lead busy lives) but you’ll start scoring from the match after you enter.

How do I score points in the game?

Points, positive and negative are awarded to players as follows:

All Players

Each goal scored (excluding own goals): +5 points

Hat-trick (3 or more goals): + 5 points

Yellow card: -1 point

Red Card Eligible Player Scores: - 3 points (-1 for yellow card upgrades if two yellows received)

Star Man and 7+ Ratings:+5 points for Star Man and +3 points for a rating of seven or above out of ten will remain. However these will no longer be decided by the The Sun’s Match Reporter and will instead by calculated by a stats based algorithm, powered by Opta.

The elements that make up the new ratings will be varied based on a players’ position. For example, a defender will not only be awarded a higher rating for clean sheets, but also their involvement in the game. A Midfielder may be awarded a higher rating for accurate long balls and scoring attempts. Trust us, it’s complicated but we’ve done a lot of work to get it right. When we say no more dodgy Ratings, we mean it.

Assists: +2 points


Penalty Save or Miss Eligible Player Scores: +3 points

Defenders and Goalkeepers

Clean Sheet (no goals conceded): +5 points
2 Goals Conceded: -1 point
Each Goal Conceded Over two goals: -1 point

Penalty Takers

Penalty Save or Miss: - 3 points

Who decides who scored a disputed goal?

Goalscorers are decided by the official feeds we receive.

The important part is that goalscorers will not be changed once the points have been awarded (unless it happens within 24 hours of the match) regardless of any change subsequently made by the Dubious Goals Panel.

I have a points query. How do I resolve it?

Make sure that the update has been fully completed and you’ve double checked the scoring section of the statistics area of the website before you get on to us – then check out Contact Us page for ways to get in touch.


Can I change my team by making transfers?

Yep. Up until kick-off of the English Premier League season on Saturday August 8 you can change your players as often or as little as you want provided you stick to the team selection rules.

After that there are four Transfer Windows. There will be the normal three transfers per team available at each window.

This season we have increased the number of emergency transfers you can make to five, which will allow you to make one transfer to each of your teams.

When are the Transfer Windows?

All transfer windows open at 9am on Tuesdays at kick-off of the first Eligible Match that week in the following four periods:

Transfer Window 1: September 1 – 12, 2015.
Transfer Window 2: November 10 – 21, 2015.
Transfer Window 3: January 26 – February 6, 2016.
Transfer Window 4: March 22 – April 2, 2016.

When can I make an emergency transfer?

The five ‘Emergency Transfers’ will be during the following periods (one single player transfer in each):

Emergency Transfer Window 1: August 8 – September 1, 2015.
Emergency Transfer Window 2: September 12 – November 10, 2015.
Emergency Transfer Window 3: November 21, 2015 – January 26, 2016.
Emergency Transfer Window 4: February 6 – March 22, 2016.

Emergency Transfer Window 5: April 2 – May 28, 2016.

These transfers will not be available during any of the main Transfer Windows.

If a transfer is made after kick-off of an eligible match, that transfer will come into place the following day. Please see our terms for more details.

How do I make changes to my line-up?

Once a transfer window opens you will be able to make changes to your team via the Dream Team website or app. Simply click on the transfer link, click on the players you wish to remove and then the players you wish to replace them with.

You must stay within the £50M budget and pick one of our fantastic formations (4-4-2 or 4-3-3).

I’ve made transfers  - why haven't they started scoring?

Your new transfers won’t start scoring until the first eligible match after the window closes.

However, while you wait patiently for your new signings to join, the players you’re shifting out will continue to score until the window closes.

Can I change my team formation?

Yes. The world is your oyster, your team is your own, feel free to change your formation as much or as little as you want…but obviously only during transfer windows (or when using your emergency transfer) and only into the two permitted formations – 4-4-2 or 4-3-3.

Can I reset the transfers I’ve made in the Transfer Window?

Yes. You CAN reset your transfers during the window.

No more waiting until the very last minute again or telling porkies to our customer services agents about a mate “sabotaging” your team.

Will new players be added to the player list?

Yes. We will always be looking to add new players, usually new signings but the odd existing player if he keeps popping up for his club.

These additions usually happen just before a Transfer Window opens, but we’re always open to suggestions – tweet us at @dreamteamfc.

Why doesn’t your player list have every player in it?

We prefer not to bloat our player list with the more questionable signings so far if we are honest. We provide you with a carefully considered list of 350 odd players to choose from. All are included on previous or expected game time and point scoring potential.

Sometimes we may make a glaring omission. If that’s the case then we will add the player straight away.

Feel free to suggest players to us at @dreamteamfcbut remember it’s called ‘Dream Team’ so don’t start bombarding us with tweets if a 17-year-old comes on once in a League Cup game for Hull. 


What prizes can I win?

This season we’ve upped our game and offering a huge prize pool of £1,000,000, only available to Club Dream Team members. The prizes will be split out as per the below:

END OF SEASON: All of your teams will compete for 100 end of season prizes totalling £324,000.  

WEEKLY: Your Dream Team Weekly team will compete for 100 prizes every week totalling over £6,000.

MONTHLY: All of your Season teams will compete for 100 prizes every month totalling over £6,000 .

WEEKLY KNOCKOUT CUP: Starting in Game Week 11, and lasting for five weeks (or five rounds) your Dream Team Weekly team will compete in a knockout cup with 31 other Managers. The winner will get £50 and the runner up will get £20.

EUROPE: Your Dream Team Europe side will compete for a share of a minimum of £50,000.

Who can win prizes?

Season: Your season team(s) are not eligible to win the end of season prizes unless you have become a Club Dream Team member or an existing Sun+ member between the start of the Game and by 23:59:59 on 31 October. A maximum of five prizes are available per entrant.

Weekly: For the weekly prizes, you will need to have Club Dream Team Membership or a Club Dream Team Trial or an existing Sun+ Membership at the point of entering your team each week to be eligible to win prizes at the end of that game week. A maximum of one prize per entrant is available per game week.

Monthly: For the monthly competition, all Club Dream Team Members, and Club Dream Team Trial members and existing Sun+ members at the first kick off of the first Eligible Match for the month will have their Season team(s) automatically entered into the competition for that month. A maximum of five prizes are available per entrant per month.

Europe: The prize eligibility rules around this will be announced closer to the time.

Weekly Knockout Cup: You will need to have Club Dream Team Membership or be an existing Sun+ Member by the kick-off of the first Eligible Match on 17 October 2015. You cannot participate or win prizes in the Knock Out Cup if you are on a Club Dream Team Trial or Dream Team Basic.

Dream Team Weekly

What is Dream Team Weekly?

Each week make a completely new selection of 11 players for your team entry, totally independently of your main Dream Team(s) based upon the fixtures to be played in that week (Friday to Thursday inclusive).

The rules for team selection remain identical to those of the main game. You can carry your team(s) over from one week to the next but will need to make a specific entry for each team each week.

Entries can be made after 9am on Thursday of each week and need to be completed by 3pm on Saturday. Any entries made after the early kick-off (if applicable) will start scoring points at the next eligible match.

There will be over £6,000 in prizes every week shared between the top 100 managers. The top manager will pick up a cool £2,000 and 100th will win £100. In the case of a tie, the prize will be shared based on certain criteria.  

Do I need to be a member of Club Dream Team to play Dream Team Weekly?

No. This year you do not need to be part of any sort of sexy club to play Dream Team Weekly, so knock yourself out.

You will need to be part of Club Dream Team (either on a trial or paying) at the time you enter your team in order to be eligible for prizes.

How many entries do I get for Dream Team Weekly?

This year all managers will get one team to enter into Dream Team Weekly.

How many prizes can I win in Dream Team Weekly?

One per week. 

Side Games

What is the Monthly Dream Team competition?

The monthly competition is the latest edition to the Dream Team family (well, re-addition).

Every month your season team will compete for 100 prizes totalling over £6,000, with the top manager receiving £2,000 and 100th receiving £100. You don’t need to do anything to enter (other than make sure your main season team is sick) and as ensure you are a Club Dream Team member at the first kick off of the first Eligible Match for the month, to be eligible to win prizes.

What is this Weekly Knock Out Cup I’ve heard so much about?

Another unbelievable new addition to the Dream Team family.

In Game Week 11 (kicking off on 17 October), if you are a Club Dream Team member and you enter Dream Team Weekly that week your team will be entered into a knockout cup with 31 other managers. The cup will last for five weeks (or five rounds) and the winner each week will progress eventually reaching the Final. The overall winner will receive £50 and the runner up will get £20.

What is Dream Team Europe?

Covering the knockout stages of the Champions League and Europa League, Dream Team Europe is our sexy/better looking bit on the side.

You’ll be able to enter one team and that team will compete for a total prize pool of £50,000.

Do I need to be a member of Club Dream Team to play Dream Team Europe?

No. But the prize eligibility rules around this will be announced closer to the time.

Mini Leagues

What is a Mini League?

When you sign up to play Dream Team you’ll be given the chance to start or join a Mini League. You can compete against your mates, family, work colleagues (anyone you can find basically) within a league. Play for fun or spice things up and put some wonga on it. We don’t care. Just don’t come crying to us if you lose out.

How do I create a Mini League?

You will be directed to a Mini League page straight after registration that will allow you to set up your own or join an existing one.

But if it takes some time before you get the Chairman itch, you simply need to click on the Mini League button in the Nav Bar and follow the instructions.

How do I invite others to join my Mini League?

Once you have created or joined a Mini League, you can invite family, friends and colleagues to join using the sharing tools and the Invite Mates button on the game website, Mobile site or iPhone/Android apps.

Alternatively you can tell them about it but however you choose to invite them, you will need to provide them with your league PIN that you will receive when creating a Mini League or from the creator of the Mini League.

Is there a limit on Mini Leagues I can create?

Yes. To save you the logistical nightmare of keeping track of too many leagues, you can only create or join up to five Mini leagues combined per team.

How do I join a Mini League that has been set up?

Now this is outrageously simple, if the Chairman knows his way around a Mini League he would have given you the PIN when he invited you. If not, make sure he does.

Once you’ve got that, it’s three easy steps:

1. Hit the Mini League button in the top navigation bar
2. Enter the league PIN
3. Hit Join League 

Can I restart a Mini League I set up last year?

Yes. To save you the valuable time we know you need, if you were the Chairman of a Mini League last season you can reset this League. And do you know what the best bit is? We’ll even email everyone who was in your league last time for you. No thanks needed, it’s our jobs. Please note, you will need to re-register for Dream Team using the details you gave us last time around for this genius functionality to work.

Is there a limit on Mini Leagues you can be in?

Five. To save you the logistical nightmare of keeping track of too many leagues, you’re only able to join ten Mini Leagues combined per team. You’re welcome.

What is the closing date for Mini League set-up/entry?

October 14, 17.00. Simple.

What prizes are there for Mini Leagues?

1. Bragging rights.
2. A feeling of self-worth that can only be achieved by cleaning up your mates at fantasy football.

Are there are cash prizes for Mini Leagues this year?

No. Ultimately it was too complicated so the only cash you can win in your Mini League is with your chums.

What is Mini League Chat?

Arguably our greatest addition this year. In true Whatsapp style, you can chat within your Mini Leagues taking your banter levels to the next level!

What is a Celeb League?

Arguably the best thing to happen to fantasy football since emergency transfers.

After you finish registration you will have the option to join one of four Celeb Mini Leagues. Take on the likes of Harry Redknapp, Alan Shearer and KSI. Good and bad news – you can enter as many as you like (fill your foots), but no prizes are available this season for Celebrity Leagues.

I’ve lost my Mini League pin, what can I do?

If you have lost your Mini League PIN, please contact the Chairman of your Mini League. You will only need the PIN for your Mini League at the time you join. 

If you still need help finding your PIN, email us - and send us your League name/Team name, Manager PIN (if you know it), Email address and a Player’s name in your team.

I still need help

Check out Contact Us page for ways to get in touch.