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3 camera tweaks that make it easier to win games on FIFA 17

Ever find yourself cracking under pressure in high-stakes FIFA 17 games?

Then this tip could be a lifesaver. And it’s incredibly simple, too.

Change the camera settings.

Changing the camera settings will allow you to see much more on the action

Changing the camera settings will allow you to see much more on the action

You want to set it as  “Co-op” and change “Camera Zoom” to 0 and “Camera Height” to 20.

This will allow you to see every player on the pitch.

As Reddit user and FIFA player GolduckAF explains: “I can’t express how much this has changed my game.

“Defending became ridiculously easy as I could easily switch between players and see runs my opponent was making so much more clearly.

“And because the camera was so much further out, the field didn’t look or feel as congested, and I could make far more intelligent passes and felt way less pressure on and off the ball.”


Many gamers feel that the default camera setting in FIFA 17 is too close – making it harder to read your opponent

He added: “I’m now constantly winning Division 1 after this simple change. Don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier.”

Other players seem to agree.

One wrote: “I can also vouch for this. Did it in FIFA 16 and it honestly felt like a different game.

“The default camera is far too angled and close to the pitch. Great for people who don’t have that knack for constantly scanning the map and seeing where their players are.”


Finding the right camera angle could help you win more games – so don’t be afraid to try a few out

The ‘Tele broadcast’ setting is also meant to work wonders – and is the preferred setting for FIFA pros, such as Huge Gorilla.

However, as one gamer explains, you need “17 height 3 zoom” to make this option worthwhile.

Give it a go.

It might give you a new perspective on things.