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Here’s how to make FIFA 17 look much, much better

Believe it or not, your PS4 and Xbox One games could look even better than they do at the moment.

No, you don’t need to buy a 4K TV or a PS4 Pro.

In fact, follow these tips and tricks and you’ll have a vastly improved picture no matter what game you’re playing – be that FIFA 17 or Gears of War 4.

Although this is very much focused on 1080p TV gaming, some of these tweaks will no doubt benefit those playing on 4K sets.

Let’s kick off.


Optimise your TV’s picture

Chances are that your TV will be set on something called ‘Dynamic’ or ‘Vivid’ if you plugged it in straight out of the box.

Sure, those modes boost brightness and contrast but when it comes to games, they can be too harsh.

Consider dialling back brightness and contrast to avoid eye strain.

Reduce input lag 

Noise reduction, ‘film mode’ and all those other pciture enhancing processes may work wonders for films, but aren’t game friendly.

Make sure to turn these off and set your TV to ‘Game mode’. This will avoid increasing the microsecond delay between controller input and visual output on the screen.

Make sure you have the right picture selected 

Head to your TV’s picture settings and you’ll see options such as “Zoom 1”, “Wide Zoom” and “Screen Fit”.

Make sure you pick the latter… you’ll see the screen zoom out slightly, and look more crisp.


Optimise your console settings

Hidden away in both the PS4 and Xbox One are a load of display settings, which can be tweaked easily to improve picture quality.

Xbox One

First, go to “Display and Sound”.

Click “Calibrate TV” and follow instructions (As chances are you probably skipped this when you first got the console).

After you’ve done this, click on the “Colour Space” tab and ensure it’s set on “TV”.

If your TV supports “Deep Colour” consider increasing the “Colour Depth”, too.


PlayStation 4

First of all, go to “Sound and Screen”, then “Video Output Settings”, “RGB Range” – and put it to “Full”

Then go to “Ypb / Cb Pr / Cr Range” and click that to “Full”, too.

Finally, head down to “Deep Colour Output” and click “Automatic”.

It’s also worth checking the “Resolution”, which should be set at “1080p” – that’s if you have a 1080p set.

And that’s it, you’re done!