Why Ronaldinho will always be one of the greatest players in FIFA history

We go through the Brazilian legend's career on EA Sports' flagship footballer and reveal why he'll always be one of the game's finest players

He’s one of the greatest footballers in history – and his legacy on FIFA is just as spectacular.

We go through Ronaldinho’s career on EA Sports’ flagship footballer and reveal why he’ll always be one of the game’s finest players.

Ronaldinho, over to you.

FIFA 04 

Where it all began.

Ronaldinho boasted a brilliant 92 overall rating.

His skill score was a ridiculous 93, while passing and pace were well into the 90s, too.

He had a real engine on him, with 99 stamina.


Ronaldinho gets another slight boost, bringing his overall to 93.

His skill score stays the same, but shot power takes a slight dip from 96 to 91.

With 89 for stamina, he’s far from unfit – but that’s down on the last game.

His dribbling is a phenomenal 95.


The Brazilian gets another boost to 95.

Ball control and dribbling are both up, while shot power gets a slight increase too.

If stats are anything to go by, Ronaldinho is now at his peak.


The first time in the series where Ronaldinho sees his overall rating slide.

Although pace stays the same, shot power takes a big knock to 84.

This, coupled with a lower long shot score, means the Brazilian isn’t quite as apt from outside the area as he was before.

Still, his dribbling is insane.


Ronaldinho clings on to his 91 rating from the year before… just.

There are signs he’s starting to slow down – with sprint speed and acceleration both taking a hit.

Is the Brazilian past his peak?


It appears so.

Ronaldinho takes a huge dip to 87 – far from the career high of 95.

Sprint speed is down, but he’s no slouch with 87.

Stamina takes a big hit, but his ball control and passing remain world class.


Yet another dip in the overall rating, with Ronaldinho now on 84.

He’s slowed down drastically, losing 10 points to score 77.

Shot power and finishing is down, while a 76 score for acceleration means he’s slower off the mark.

His dribbling is down, but still world class at 92.


The Brazilian loses another point to score 83 overall.

His dribbling and ball control remain class, but he’s not as much of a threat in front of goal.

That vision, though…


For the first time in a while, Ronaldinho sees his rating boosted – albeit to 84.

The 30-year-old has lost a lot of pace – with sprint speed down to 61.

His skill moves and dribbling remain world class, so he still remains a threat when running at defenders.

He’s no longer a reliable finisher – but with a 91 long-shot-power score, is more than capable of the odd “worldie” now and then.


Down again to 83 overall – with his finishing taking another hit.

His five-star skill moves, though, still make a him a joy to watch – even though he’s past his best.

High scores for distribution across the board make Ronaldinho an excellent middle man.


Slides down to a career low of 82 – but still a force to be reckoned with.

He’s much slower off the mark than ever before, but is saved by five-star skills moves and incredible ball control.

Just don’t try and tackle with him.


Down to 80 overall – but still a wonderful player in his own right.

He’s no longer the raw attacking threat he used to be, but his vision and guile makes him capable of breathtaking distribution.

Ball control is at 91 – so don’t expect him to lose it often.

And, what do you know, his skill moves are still five star.

What a legend.